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Student Cabinet

Students need to develop skills of being part of a team, of working together for a common goal and how to lead when opportunity presents itself. We encourage and provide all reasonable support to students to form and run the student council.

They have a voice in the matters that affect their lives and are provided with opportunities to participate in decision making. All the students are encouraged to participate in the student council to develop leadership qualities.




The members of the student cabinet are:

Head boyNaran M
Head GirlTarunika J
Sports Captain SeniorSneha S
Sports Captain JuniorSarvesh M.S.
Cultural Captain SeniorAditi Goswami
Cultural Captain JuniorHariprasad
Admirals Captain SeniorMuthukumarasamy M
Admirals Captain JuniorCarol. S
Generals Captain SeniorSreya R
Generals Captain JuniorNithin Senthil
Governors Captain SeniorPraneash Ram S.K.
Governors Captain JuniorRashmi .S.
Marshals Captain SeniorDev Abinav. B.
Marshals Captain JuniorEvangeline. A.