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CLASS X &XII–(2019-20)



  1. Students must be in proper and complete uniform on all days, (including school socks, belt and ID tags).
  2. During the year, lost or damaged uniform items should be replaced by sending a requisition letter duly signed by the parent to the front office.
  3. Tattoos, mehendi, nail art, additional ear piercing, etc is not allowed.
  4. Hair style for boys: Neat hair cut in which the hair length does not exceed mid fore head (in the front), touch the ears(temple region) or collar. Fashionable styles, colouring, etc. are not allowed.
  5. Hair style for girls: Girls with shoulder hair length should tie it up in a ponytail while those with longer hair should plait it neatly using black bands. Only black colour hair bands or clips can be used. Puffs, hair colouring, multi coloured bands are not permitted on any
  6. Bringing any kind of objectionable items (Mobile phone, any electronic device, etc.) into the school premises intentionally / by mistake will be viewed seriously and may even lead to suspension.


  1. Parents are requested to kindly refer the school passport before planning / booking for any trips / occasions. Unavoidable circumstances should be intimated well in advance in person to the class teacher/coordinator/via email to principal.
  2. We suggest that you avoid the involvement of your ward in any family get-togethers / trips as even a day out can lead to distractions / diversions.
  3. Parents are requested to plan all appointments such as doctor/passport appointments in such a way that you do not request early pickups. If appointment is available only during school hours please do not send your ward to school that day.
  4. All school functions must be attended by your ward – sports day, founder’s day, and other important days decided by the school, (all these days are marked in the school passport.) failing which students will face serious consequences as deemed fit by the administration.
  5. Students of Grades 9 to 12 using own transport must reach school before or at 6:55AM (Mon to Fri). Student will not be allowed to enter school after 6:55AM. Parents are requested not to ask permission to meet the Coordinator or Principal in this regard. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.
  7. In case a student is absent for a day/two, he/she must bring a leave letter, stating a valid reason, signed by the parent. The student must come with the leave letter on the day he/she resumes school.  The leave letter must be given to the class teacher/coordinator before the first period.
  8. Parents will be intimated at the end of every month in case your child is falling under the “short attendance category”.
  9. Absence during any examination is not acceptable. For absence on medical grounds, information regarding the medical issue should be intimated by phone call andmedical certificatesubmitted when student returns.
  10. If your ward is unwell do not him/her to school, even on exam days. On submission of medical certificate and genuineness of the case medical leave will be marked for the given exam.
  11. If a student is absent for the class test he / she will take the test, the day he/she comes back to the school.
  12. A student, who is indulges in any kind of malpractice during any test/examination will be marked zero and parents will be intimated immediately.
  13. Students will not be allowed to leave the examination hall (while the examination is in progress) for using washroom /drinking water etc. In case of medical emergency a student will be allowed, provideda request letter by the parent, supported by a doctor’s certificate, is given to the class teacher in advance.


  1. It is mandatory that your ward brings his / her school passport to school daily.
  2. Any passport entry made by the teacher must be shown to parents and acknowledged with their signature and then shown to the concerned teacher the following day.
  3. Please send a passport note to the class teacher intimating the days when your ward will not be using school transport. In case you forget to do so, please call the school before 10:00 AM positively, for timely action to be taken by the concerned departments of the school.
  4. Kindly adhere to the last date for submission of acknowledgment for any circular/information sent from school.
  5. It is mandatory for your ward to maintain his/her notebooks properly and submit his/her assignments on time.
  6. It is mandatory that your ward attends all the classes that will be held in the school, which includes the extra classes from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. These will be scheduled and intimated in advance.
  7. Students who have opted for home meal plan should not bring any non-vegetarian food, including eggs, at any time. This is applicable during school trips and at the venue for sports practice.
  8. Students are allowed to celebrate birthdays by distributing chocolates/sweets to their class mates but no exchange of gifts or cutting of cake is of permitted.
  9. It is mandatory that students use appropriate language, behave correctly and are respectful to peers, teachers and all staff in school and buses at all times.
  10. Students are advised to approach the teacher / coordinator / principal for any concern to maintain conducive environment.
  11. It is mandatory for parents to attend all PTMs/(open days) to know your wards progress as well as to address any other concern.
  12. If the parent is called by any teacher for a meeting in connection with your ward’s progress / concern and you fail to meet with the teacher, your ward will not beallowed to attend theschool until you do so.
  13. In case you have any concern which needs to be addressed kindly meet with the concerned coordinator/teacher and discuss in a very amicable and polite manner. Do not be disrespectful. At all times be aware that you are in a formal place of education.  In case you are not satisfied with the reply given, please feel free to get a prior appointment and discuss the matter with the Principal.
  14. Parents are also requested to be polite and respectful at the front desk. Any denial / reply given by them are as per instructions received from authorities. Any discrepancy can be resolved by meeting with the coordinator or Principal with prior appointment.
  15. It is mandatory for students to abide by the rules and regulations of the school in connection with behavior, discipline, attendance, uniform, etc.


  1. a) Birthdays of all students for the month will be celebrated on the last working day of the month by cutting a cake and having snacks (brought by students). This will be allowed only during lunch break with one period added to the lunch break time.
  2. b) Students will be allowed to come half an hour before the start of the pre board examinations and mock practicals ( own transport to be arranged).
  3. c) Students scoring above 70% in Pre- Board I will be exempted from appearing in Pre Board II. Despite exemption students who are willing to write the examination are welcome.
  4. d) A wall of fame for senior students will be provided.
  5. e) Overnight trip destination will be as per choice of majority students.
  6. f) Free period for the academically excellent students for playing friendly matches.