Do we obey our elders nowadays ?

Do we obey our elders ?! An exclamation now-a-days..! We often see parents and teachers talking about ‘their times’. About how they were respectful to their elders and teachers. About how they would never disobey them. Always count on their experience and wisdom. And lament that it is no longer the same. The question that arises is, “Is it the same these days? Do children obey elders nowadays?”

While there is no doubting that the current generation is also respectful towards its elders, but has the degree of respect gone down? Or has the way of showing respect become different? Do we really obey our elders nowadays? Lets explore.

Today’s kids vs. yesteryear kids

The jury is still out on whether today’s children show the same kind of respect as yesteryear’s kids? Before passing any judgment we must take into consideration a few things. Today’s kids live in a far more competitive environment (especially the higher graders) than us. The expectations on them is very high. They have to excel in studies. They also need to be good at co-curricular activities. They have to be good at sports. They go to a zillion training classes from entrance coaching classes to roller skate classes to cricket nets and what not. Then there is their best companion- Yes, we are talking about the smartphone here (Know to set digital boundaries). No wonder they are hard-pressed for time. This puts them under a lot of stress.

Amidst all these distractions, there are chances that some of them forget the ‘giving respect to elders’ part. We also need to understand that not everyone is created equal. In every generation, there have been kids who respected elders and some who did not. It is true for this generation too. We should not brush everyone with the same paint.

Respect everyone

Model yourself. This is one of the best ways to teach children about respecting elders or for that matter any other human being with respect. Children are always observing you. How do you speak with your own parents (their grandparents)? How do you treat a food delivery associate? Or a courier agent? , etc. Remember, you are their best model. They learn respecting elders from you.

Teach them kindness.

Talk to them about sharing. Take them to a charity drive. Let the kids learn that not everyone is as privileged as them and there are many who need help and support. Learnings about kindness and empathy will hold them in good stead in their adulthood too.

Teach kids good habits.

While we have been repeatedly stressing on the importance of good habits ( ways to develop good habits) in our earlier blogs, we can add one more to the list. Yes, we are pointing to “respect for elders”. Kids need to be taught about the right behavior with elders. Teach them that elders are treasure troves of knowledge and one can learn a lot from them. Teach them that they need to be treated with respect and kindness.

At the school, we always emphasize on good behavior and respecting elders. This value-driven approach has made us a much sought after CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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