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School Counselor

The need for a counselor became very obvious when we realized the students of all standards have personal problems to deal with and require proper guidance from a highly qualified, experienced person. This school year, we have added the new position of School Counselor and have appointed Swami Lalitananda (Mataji) to serve in that capacity, as she has more than 45 years experience in individual, family and school counseling. She is a native of America, who has lived in Coimbatore for a total of 12 years and understands the cultural differences of both societies, and the students feel free to speak with her about anything.

Counselor is a neutral person, the students can freely speak with about whatever issues they are having, whether academic, interpersonal, personal, family, societal, etc. knowing that she will give them good, unbiased suggestions and advice.

In addition to student counseling, she is also mentoring the faculty as well as parents when needed. She is also assisting in implementing self-discipline and her method of combining nurturing and discipline is resulting in improved behavior all around.