The Camford International School

Hobby Club

All round development of the child is the key-purpose of TCIS. Keeping this in view, the school keeps on conducting co-curricular activities providing a platform to the students to let their hidden talent come out and bloom into perfection. Co-curricular activities not only help in giving practical knowledge of a subject, but also help in carving out the best of the human being out of a delicate child.

Under the system of hobby clubs, all the students can choose the club of their choice and interest. In this way, entire school gets bifurcated in different clubs at their respective venue on the days for Club Meetings. These students are trained by the expert teachers of that club giving wings to the latent talent of the young minds. The clubs are:

*  Cookery club                * Budding Scientist                  * Little genius

* Theater                           * Dance                                    * Art & craft

*  Health & Fitness           * Yoga & Martial Arts             * Eco club

* Literary club                   * Beauty & Hygiene               * Music

* Good grooming & Personality development