Is your kid irregular ? Why kids are incomplete in their work ?

Is your kid irregular with homework or assignments given in the school? Are they always playing, not bothering about studying? Do they leave any task given to them incomplete? If so, what are the steps to put them back on track? Here are 7 unbeatable tips to bring their focus back. 

Lack of routine

As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that our kids have a routine. It is an excellent way to fix the issue. Just have a routine and kids will adapt. They will know what to do at what time. The schedule will become part of their system. This will slowly but surely inculcate discipline in them. It is only when they don’t have a routine that things could go a bit awry.

Not completing homework

Tell them that not doing homework is just not done. If they find any subject tough, they can always seek help. It could be a friend or someone in the neighborhood, parents and teachers. Completing the homework/tasks helps build willpower too.

Distracted by mobiles

Is your kid irregular and distracted by mobiles? This is a common story with kids these days. They are sometimes so lost in looking at the mobile, that they forget about everything else. The sooner you make them get rid of the addiction, the better. Instead of staring at a screen, let them play, and see their health improve in a quick time. 

Playing a lot

Yes, playing is good. However, there is a limit to everything. Too much play, at the expense of studying and completing their homework, is not done. Fix a schedule for your kids to play. A couple of hours after school is perhaps the best way to go. This can be followed by the completion of their homework (Is homework important ?) and studying for the next day. 

Attention difficulties

Does your kid feel overwhelmed with the assignments given at school? The solution is to break down things. For example, a homework task could be broken down into a few parts. This will help them with finishing homework and studies.

Build a positive atmosphere

Is your kid irregular ? Worrying to make your child responsible. Cast the worries out and do this now ! Right from a young age, encourage your kids to talk freely and express their feelings to you. Even if they have done something wrong, being harsh is not the right way. Tell them that they should not repeat their mistake. Try and give them solutions.

Similarly, give your kids some small responsibilities. For example, let them help you out with small chores like gardening. Treat them with respect. Praise them for a job well done. This is sure to have a positive impact on them (Positive thinking, the sunny side of our life).

At the school, teachers ensure that every student is understanding what is being taught in the classroom. For students who may find a certain subject tough special classes are taken. Teachers are regularly in touch with parents, telling them about the progress that their ward is making. This kind of attention is what makes the school, a preferred CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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