The Camford International School

School Rules

I am, Principal of The Camford International School. I urge every parent to read the School Passport for all rules and regulations and other important information.

I think we all would agree together that we come to school to be educated and disciplined. Together the school staff, parents and students need to follow the below mentioned religiously for the smooth functioning of the school.


Children must reach school 5 minutes before bell time

Students should be in proper and complete uniform on all days (including school socks, belts and ID tags)

Students should carry the school bag provided by the school on all days

During the year, lost or damaged uniform items should be replaced

Mobiles, electronic items, toys such as spinners, key-chains etc are banned. If a student is found carrying any of these items, these will be confiscated and will not be returned

Tattoos, mehendi and additional piercings are not allowed

Hair styles for boys: All boys should have neatly cut hair (fashionable styles and hair colouring is not allowed)

Hair styles for girls: Girls with shoulder length hair should tie it up in a pony tail while those with longer hair should be plaited up with black hair rubber bands /bands and clips. (No puffs, hair colouring, coloured clips/ bands etc to be used)

100% attendance is appreciated, but in case your ward takes leave, it should be intimated with a leave note signed by the parent

Students who miss school on exam days will be marked absent. Retest will not be conducted

Parents are requested to plan all the activities (trips, functions)/appointments including doctor or passport appointments in such a way that you do not request early pickups. If appointments is available only during school hours please do not send your ward to school on that day

Please send a passport request note on the days that your ward may not be taking the school transport. In case you forget to send a note, please call the school before 10 AM positively for timely action to be taken by the concerned department of the school

Parents are requested not to come during school hours to deliver forgotten items such as books, water bottles, skating bags, etc.,

Students, who have opted for home meal plan, should not bring any non-vegetarian food at any time. This includes when the students go for any school trips or to the stadium for sports practice

Students are welcome to celebrate their birthday by distributing chocolates or toffees to their classmates, but no exchange of gifts or cake cutting is permitted

If you send any medicines with your ward, ensure that you give a note in the school passport. Time and dosage should be clearly written

Kindly adhere to the last date of submission of the acknowledgement for the various circulars being sent from school

Label the belongings (name, grade & section) – water bottles, lunch bags, shoes, kits, etc. In case any material is found it could returned accordingly

Looking forward to your cooperation to develop discipline in students, which will help them to navigate their way to becoming great leaders/legends of the society