Teach children valuable lessons on conflict management

It is important to teach children conflict management skills at a young age. Here are a few strategies that you can adopt.

Be the right model. Children are forever observing the behaviour of adults. Show them how adults can resolve issues peacefully, and come to a solution amicably. This will help them observe how conflicts are resolved positively.

Praise them. Teach children how to resolve their conflicts positively without getting worked up over issues. Praise them whenever they can resolve any issue with their friends, without screaming or getting into a tiff. This kind of positive approach helps a long way in teaching kids about conflict resolution.

Tell children that conflicts do happen. What is important is how they resolve issues with their friends. Tell them that getting into fights and yelling at each other is not the way to go. They should first of all be able to accept that the other person is entitled to have his or her opinion. Conflict resolution begins once they accept this fact.

The importance of active listening. One of the key parts of proper communication is listening. A good majority of the conflicts get resolved if both parties are to listen to each other. Try and improve your kid’s listening skills through games.

Teach children calming techniques. Tell them one of the simplest techniques is to get out of the area of conflict. Once they are alone, they can take a few deep breaths and calm down. This would help their anger to gradually come down and focus on how best they can resolve the conflict.

Encourage them to have brainstorming sessions. Let them bounce off ideas and suggestions off each other. They can easily come up with multiple solutions to the problems this way. They can then discuss the probable outcomes.

Have patience. Your children’s conflict management skills will develop over time. This would set the ideal foundation for them to make friends and also strengthen their emotional health. It is very mandatory and helpful to teach children conflict management skills in present world.

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