Top 4 Tips to Strengthen Parent-Child Bond

Strengthen Parent-Child Bond ! Positive parenting (Tips to positive parenting ) is all about sharing a healthy relationship with kids. Here are a few tips to strengthen the relationship (A parent child relationship) with your children.

Listen to them:

We all know that how we treat our child is important. However, have we ever stopped to introspect whether we care to listen to our children? Make sure that you give your child a patient hearing. After all, whom else will they share their innermost feelings than their parents? Regular conversations help in strengthening the parent children bond immensely. ( Know the right parenting style for kids )

Sharing a meal:

One of the best time to bond with a child is during meal time. Make sure that you are sharing at least one meal in a day with your kid. Usually, dinners are the ideal choice, since everyone in the family is present. Everyone can share their experiences of the day. Your kids too can share whatever happened at the school and about their academics.

Hit the ground running:

No we are not talking about any fitness routine for parents, although it will surely help you get fit! We are talking about spending quality play time with your children. What’s stopping you from joining them in the fun? After all there is no better way to strengthen the bonds with your children than through sports. And in the bargain, it would be a great way to get fit and a wonderful stress buster for you too.

Make them feel ‘responsible’:

As your child grows up, it is important that you make him or her feel ‘responsible’. You can for example, ask them to share a responsibility. For example, they could help you out with watering the plants in the evening. Or it could be arranging the clothes on the wardrobe. Once you give them a responsibility which they are able to fulfil, it tells them that you trust them and makes them feel important. There is no better way to strengthen parent-child bond than this way.

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