Why is GK important for kids ? Strong GK helps you succeed !

The importance of having good General Knowledge (GK) cannot be overemphasized. Just learning academics is not enough. So, why is this a big deal over GK? Is it truly that powerful a magic potion? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. We have often stressed the importance of learning things outside the curriculum and GK is one of them. After all, GK helps you to know what is happening around the world. This knowledge also contributes to a person’s success, along with academics. In a nutshell, GK helps children’s holistic development. (Tips to improve your GK) Listed below are a few key reasons why GK is important for kids.

GK builds confidence.

There is no doubting the fact that knowledge does build confidence. You become confident that you can answer questions right. This surely adds to a person’s self-esteem. 

Helps kids open up. Are you tongue-tied with peers? With good general knowledge, you can now easily become part of conversations. You can talk about various things. You can add your two cents to any conversation. Not only with friends, you will find it easier to pick up conversations with total strangers too, if your GK is strong. 

Children get a world view. Good GK broadens their horizons of knowledge. Sometimes knowing certain things can be a humbling experience. Wide knowledge helps them keep grounded since it teaches them that there is so much to achieve. 

Succeed in competitive exams.

You know, Why is GK important for kids ? Yes because, General knowledge can make or mar a career. Most competitive exams have GK as a subject. Students appearing for these exams have to ensure that they are up to date with the latest happenings, as well as topics from Science, History, Literature, etc.

Helps you excel in debates.

Students with good GK are much sought after for debates. This is because of the wide knowledge that they have. It allows them to put forth their points and arguments with conviction. 

GK will make you a better student.

It has a direct impact on how you fare in other subjects. As we all know GK is not about a single topic or subject. By going through the literature on GK, you will come across information on almost every subject that you are learning. This will automatically mean that you will be good at the subjects too.

Methods to strengthen your GK

 Read newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. Regularly. In general, make reading good literature a habit. Not only will it improve your GK, but it will also polish your language and add to your vocabulary (Know to improve your reading habit.
 Watch current affairs (what is current affairs ?) programs on TV or the internet.
 Listen to podcasts.
 Go through GK books. 
 Participate in quiz competitions, debates, essay writing competitions, etc.

At the school, apart from the subjects in the curriculum, students are exposed to a wide variety of quality content, which helps develop their GK. Regular GK quizzes are also held, sharpening their knowledge levels. Hope you got the solution for ” Why is GK important for kids ?” If you are looking for a top CBSE school in Coimbatore, you know where to head!

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