Dear Applicant

Gladly we Welcome you to The Camford Family!!! We provide an environment that inspires students to develop a lifelong love of learning and a positive plan for a future career path. Read the ensuing etiquette to complete the Online Admission process & Make sure that the following supporting documents are on your hand in order to proceed the admission process without disruption.
  • Aadhar number (if available).
  • Scanned copy of the birth certificate
  • Last report card from the previous school (if available)
  • EMIS number (if available)

One-time online application cost of Rs.500 (non-refundable) is payable while initiating the process. On submission of the online application, you will receive a confirmation mail, consequent to which our admission team will contact you to process your application further.

  I understand the above requirements and I understand that registration does not guarantee a place at The Camford School.

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