The Term ‘Middle School’ came into existence with the sincere endeavor of William Alexander and Emmett Williams, in 1965. Middle school marks the transitory phase of the students from the primary school, sustaining them to conquer the lofty boundaries of the junior high and the higher secondary school. This is the intermediate phase and a very important phase of a child’s educational journey.

We, the teaching and learning community have a set rules to follow, ‘the cognitive skills of learning’. The sequence of it being Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation.The pinnacle being ‘Implementing’ these thereby creating. Here in our school nothing goes without a solid plan and our lesson plans  are planned with a clear, lucid, apparent learning objectives and desired learning outcomes for the learner.

There are about 8 different learning skills.

  • The Linguistic Learner – who learns through LSRW skills
  • The Naturalist – Learner who learns by observing and experimenting
  • The Musical or Rhythmic Learner – Learner who learns with aid of music, music aids this child to learn
  • The Kinesthetic Learner – Learner who learns with the help of hands on experience; these learners can never stay put they are always on the move.
  • The Visual or Spatial Learner – This learner needs visual aids for learning
  • The Logical or Mathematical Learner – A Mathematician, who loves evaluating
  • The Interpersonal Learner – This learner learns by associating with others.
  • The Intrapersonal Learner- This learner is a loner, he can learn only by himself.

The Camford International School has activities that caters to each of these learners, no child is left unattended here. Talent is fostered in which ever field the child is interested in. Regular individual and Group activities are conducted. Experiments are conducted in the lab, and music videos that are educative in nature are regularly shown in classrooms that caters to the visual aid learner.

The Camford International School is well equipped with the necessary, essential, significant elements to guide your child during her/his stay in middle school. The itinerary is full. Every child is different, unique in its own characteristic way. The camford international school finds and fosters and kindles the ability of the child so that he/she may reap the benefits and express to the utmost level of performance.

Academics: The subjects taught in middle school are 1. English 2. Mathematics 3. Science 4. Social Science along with the languages Tamil, Hindi and French, which are taught as second language and Tamil and Hindi alone as Third Language.

Apart from the ‘academics’, middle school has a lot to offer. It has too many activities to its stride. Middle School’s smug environment is further made delectable with the ‘Hobby Clubs’ & ‘Sports Clubs‘.

The Camford International School’s middle school has many other offers that cannot be refused. Education and learning here is more activity oriented and we have exciting activities to encourage the child who might tend to verve away from academics. The Camford International School regular ‘Lab Activities’ for Science and Maths. One can find many young ‘cartographers’, making their mark here, learning their civic responsibilities as well. Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening to the story of the world.

Children who belong to the middle school are entitled to take part in a very interesting event, ‘The Camfester Nite’. Children get to spend a night here in the school campus. Learning outside the classroom activities are often more authentic than the ones that are offered in the space enclosed by four walls. As a part of this event children stay for a night and interact with each other through various activities, it helps them to better acquaint themselves as individuals, not just as regular classmates; the sharing of personal space ensures a better understanding among the kids which helps them in their learning as well, this helps the child to function effectively in group tasks, the group can function as one single unit as they have gained the trust of each other. Camfester nite aims to foster and instill these qualities in children.

Learning is celebration here. We live, learn and unwind here at The Camford International School.

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