Senior Secondary holds a special place at Camford.

In the last 11 years since the inception of the school, the school has sent students for the board examination with laudable results. Our grade 10 and 12 results are improving with each passing year with many students cracking the NEET and JEE examination apart from the exams that are required to get admissions in universities abroad.

We are proud to attribute this to the all round development of the student to be eligible to study in foreign universities.

Special credit goes to the committed, talented and sincere faculty who play the role of a friend, counsellor and teacher.

The multiple GUINNESS attempts, the award for ‘GREAT PLACE TO STUDY IN” conferred to the school on 17 June, 2019 and the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD by the British Council two times over speaks volumes of the achievements of our students.

Grades 9 to 12 are given special privileges that present an opportunity to prove their mettle in leadership, organising programmes that hone and expose their innate talents.

To name a few, in the sports arena, the GOLDEN BOOT INTERSCHOOL FOOTBALL tournament and the SHOOTING STARS BASKET BALL inter school tournaments are organised and managed by the student body.

To enhance entrepreneurship, the commerce department hosts programmes and competitions like SYMBIOSIS and EQUILIBRIUM which is well received by the invited schools.

Students regularly participate in the State and National level competitions.

Apart from this, the Founders day celebrations are planned and executed by the student body where each child showcases his or her talent.

Thus hand in hand with academics, co-curricular activities contribute to holistic education at Camford.

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