Teachers in 2030- Essential Skills That a Future Teacher Will Have

Upgrade with the latest teaching methodology which has become awesome now a days. It’s always a fascinating exercise to forecast the future. Take the case of education in general and teachers in particular. How will education be, say in 2030? Will we continue to have classrooms? Will teachers be replaced by cyborgs? Will it all be about application-oriented teaching? Will teachers become obsolete? While it is difficult to give exact predictions, there is no doubt about the fact that a lot of the education in 2030 will be about technology. The new technology has exposed us to new challenges and hurdles of new ‘normal’

Artificial intelligence (AI):

It will be an era dominated by the latest technologies such as AI and I.O.T. The teacher of 2030 therefore will be tech-savvy and design their classes using these technologies.

Application oriented classes:

The long drawn theory classes are expected to give way to a more application oriented method. Students will apply whatever he has learnt in the classroom. Teachers would have shifted from a more ‘traditional’ to a ‘practical’ methodology.

Mix of teaching:

Contrary to popular expectations the classroom and blackboard (or rather whiteboard) will continue to remain key components in the education system. However, they will not be the only premises for teaching. Teachers will need to get accustomed to teaching in classrooms, as well as remote teaching. The teacher of 2030 will be as comfortable in teaching in the classrooms or through specially created apps.

Customized teaching:

Not all students are created equal. Teaching will become more customized based on the grasping power or pace at which a student wants to learn. This kind of a bespoke approach is expected to be the way going forward.

latest teaching methodology_CBSE_The Camford School Coimbatore

Internet based:

The all-pervading role of the internet will increase. Students will have to utilize both these entities for their learning. The teacher’s role will be more about helping students find the relevant information over the internet.

Remote teaching:

There will be a lot of remote teaching. There will be more flexibility, so far as the scheduling of classes is concerned. Teachers will have to get used to a flexible schedule.

Multitasker :

From being a technology , as well a subject matter expert, to arranging for online classes , handling regular classroom classes,  assisting in projects, etc. a teacher is going to have his/her hands full come 2030.

It is indeed good that always updating, adapting the latest smart technologies, as part of the latest teaching methodology.

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