Respect Comes in Every Word – The Coimbatorean’s Pride!

Pride of Coimbatore ! A few days ago we had done a blog on the comfy climate of the city, something that has become synonymous with Coimbatore. Can you point out something else from the sights and sounds of Coimbatore that has become so intricately connected with the city? Did we say sounds?! Yes, of course, who can miss the sweet sound of Kongu Tamil?

The speciality of Kongu Tamil

Also known as Kovai Tamil and Kongu Bashai, as soon as you land in the city or for that matter anywhere in the Kongu region, you are greeted with the typical ‘NG’ sound from this Tamil slang. ‘Ennungo’, ‘illingo’, ‘sollungo’….phew, the list seems to just go on and on.

However, no one is complaining for that is the speciality of Kongu Tamil. You visit your friend’s place and his mother asks you ‘undra per enna kannu’ (what is your name). It is said that every language or slang has got its own musical lilt or rhythm to it and it is no different in the case of Kongu Tamil.

Respect comes in every word

Okay we have seen that the slang has got a rhythm of its own. However, the specialty doesn’t end there. There is always an underlying theme whenever you speak in Kongu Tamil. Can you guess what? Yes, you are right. We are talking about ‘respect’ here. Namma Coimbatore is all about respect. It is something that is ingrained in the language here. No wonder the entire region here is famed for its hospitality.  From ‘nalla irukingala’ , to ‘ukkarungo’, ‘vango’, ‘sapudungo’, ‘poituvarenungo’, etc, every word literally drips with respect.

Yes, respect comes in every word and it is the pride of Coimbatore people. This city has also have the pride of bringing up more prominent and famous personalities who reach peaks in their life with the same respectful speech in their heart and soul.

The Camford salutes

The Camford family salutes and really really feel proud about the kongu city. In the School we have always emphasized on wholesome education, comprising of classroom and activity based learning, with experienced teachers. As the city is more popular for its most respective language / slang we teach our students all about ‘respect’. This approach has made us being counted among the foremost CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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