4 Best Positive Parenting Tips

‘Positive parenting’ is a term that we keep hearing often these days. What exactly is positive parenting, you may wonder. Well, broadly speaking, it’s about developing a positive relationship with your child, ensuring that you nurture their physical and mental wellbeing, and providing them with the right kind of atmosphere to learn and grow. There are different parenting styles to shape up your child’s future. Let’s take a closer look at some simple, yet mightily effective tips to ensure the same.


One of the best ways to bring a sense of discipline into our lives is through a routine. Let there be a routine at home. This applies to both the kids, as well as the parents. After all you are their top role models. Make sure that the routine is followed, even on holidays, or even when you are traveling somewhere else, to the extent possible. Teach them that nothing great is achieved without discipline. Fix times for playing, doing their homework, going to bed, waking up, getting ready for school, etc. Nothing better than following a routine to inculcate discipline in children.


Parents need to remember that they are always being observed by their kids. After all they are their kid’s role models. They look up to them. It is therefore important that parents set a good example. Whether it is your behavior, you’re following a certain routine or habits, you need to set the best possible example to your kids.


It is important that you allocate a particular ‘communication time’ with your kids, as part of your routine. Yes, agreed that parents these days have hectic schedules. This is especially true in the case of families where both the parents are working. However, you can always find a small window of a few minutes. Ideally, this could be the time, just before or after the kids have finished their homework. Talk to them about the happenings at the school. Talk to them as a friend would. Find out whether they are facing any problems. Let them express themselves freely. This will ensure that any problem is nipped in the bud. Always remember, kids crave for their parents attention.


There are times when as parents we feel angry. However, these are the times when we need to control our anger, realizing that it is not going to solve any purpose. If your child has done something wrong, sit down and discuss the matter with them. Tell the child firmly, that such behavior is not done and explain the reason why it is so, instead of just screaming and shouting at them. There could be also instances of sibling rivalry. In such instances, ask the kids to resolve the dispute on their own. If need be, you can always help. This will help them learn problem solving skills and build a sense of responsibility in them.

At School, we make sure that, along with academics, there is also a lot of emphasis given on teaching children about key character building traits. We always wanted our children to be bold enough to face the society with all the good traits in their life and we believe that positive parenting will extend a supportive hand to it. This kind of an approach has been instrumental in making us one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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