Ivy & Bean Book 1

Ivy and bean a good book for kids to have a wonderful reading time. It is really good to develop reading habit in kids to improve their communication. They say that you don’t judge a book by its cover. In this book you will learn that you should not judge a person by your first impressions. Ivy & Bean Book 1 is a book that would be surely a favorite with the younger graders. The story would definitely resonate with their own personal experiences in daily life. Its true, a book definitely gives a message to us and in prior we also had few book reviews for the books namely The Great Mathematician !! ‘The Boy Who Dreamed of Infinity’, The Rainbow Fish – A good read and a wonderful story, Grandfather Gandhi, Where the wild things are?

A calm and silent child

Another attractive thing about the book is the lucid style of writing. This is once again a point that makes it a must read for kids, just about peeping into adolescence. The plot is simple. There is a girl called Bean. A new neighbor Ivy moves in. Their personalities are of opposite poles. While Bean is this mischievous brat, who is forever up to some prank or the other. It could be on her mother or her elder sister Nancy. Ivy is the opposite of Bean. A calm and silent child. However hard Bean’s mother tried, she just could not get her to become friends with Ivy. This is when there is a turn of events. Bean finds Ivy helping her, when she tries a prank on Nancy. This comes as a surprise to Bean.

Relationships between a mother and children

As mentioned earlier the simple narration and racy style makes it a good read for kids. The finer nuances of relationships between a mother and children or between different children are brought out beautifully by the author. Another highlight of the book are its illustrations. Apart from the writing, the book is definitely a visual treat. Every intricate detail of the story is so beautifully brought out by the illustrations that it will leave readers asking for more. All in all a must read for kids.

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