How to improve Listening Skills in Kids ?

How to improve listening skills in kids ? One of the most difficult tasks for parents, as well as teachers, of young children is to make them listen. By nature, children of younger grade are always brimming with energy, restless and the last thing that they want to do is to listen. However, listening skills are of great importance for improving academic skills and the overall development of a person’s communication skills and are best inculcated right from a young age.

Be a good listener first

After all a student’s life is all about listening. Their academic prowess and subsequently their professional pursuits depend on all the listening and gathering of knowledge that they do as a student. How do you teach young kids to listen is the next logical question. Well, the first thing that parents can do is to be the right role model.

You be a good listener first. If you are not giving your child or others a patient hearing and keep interrupting them, then how do you expect them to follow suit? So, the first thing that you need to do is to ‘show’ them the importance of listening. Teach children from a young age that listening is as much an important part of communication skills, as speaking.

An excellent way to improve children’s listening skills

Story telling is an excellent way to improve listening skills in kids. Try different activities such as play-acting some of the characters in your child’s history book, or try bed time stories. The key here is to make listening fun for the kids.

Games such as Simon Says are another fun way to improve listening skills in kids. With smart classrooms, teachers can also try animated content, something which kids love, to teach. Once you do are successful in establishing to them that listening can also be fun, they will be all ears.

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