The Rainbow Fish – A good read and a wonderful story

Storytelling for kids has been a tradition in our country since ages. Grandmothers or mothers telling their kids all those wonderful stories is something that we were used to. Even at present, with all the hectic schedules and other options and distractions, there is nothing like simple storytelling to teach kids morals and values. Talking about storytelling, one is reminded of some books exclusively for kids. Take ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister for example. With its simple yet beautiful illustrations and language, the book has been a favorite for many for a pretty long time now.

One of the keys to good reads for kids is that the story should be simple enough for kids to read, and understand and if possible teach them about some values. In The Rainbow Fish, there is this beautiful fish with shiny scales. The other fishes want its scales. What happens next? Does the Rainbow Fish part with its shimmering scales? Or does it refuse? This forms the crux of the story. We don’t want to play spoilsports here and reveal the story. The book makes for a good read for the kids.

One of the questions that the story raises is about sharing. To share or not to share, that is the dilemma. Sharing is a quality that is learnt by kids by observing their elders at their young age. What this means is that parents need to be good role models. They need to show that sharing is good. They need to encourage their kids too to share.

Children can develop a sense of empathy through sharing. They can participate in activities like a food drive for the poor and needy, share toys with other kids. Forcing them to share is not the ideal way. They should get the message that selfless sharing is what brings actual happiness.

A sense of selflessness, humbleness and empathy are three very important character builders. These are some important building blocks for a kid’s character.

As one of the top CBSE schools in Coimbatore, we have designed activities that would go onto inculcate these key character building blocks. These characteristic traits play a key role in the development of the overall personality of kids. We also have a well-equipped library with all the must reads for kids.

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