How to find kids talents? Let’s Spark the young minds

How to find kids talents? The world is full of stories about child prodigies achieving remarkable things, right from ancient times. Many of these prodigies, with achievements in different fields continue to be a source of inspiration to present day kids. Yes, let us Spark the young minds with the real time inspirational personalities. We are one among the top CBSE Schools in Coimbatore edify children to bring out their hidden talents.

Remarkable things right from their teens

Since we are living in the day and age of technology, why not take a look at some achievers in this field. Mark Zukerberg, the founder of Facebook is a good example. His social media portal made him a billionaire, even when he was just about in his teens.

Another good example is Steve Jobs, a person who has believe it or not, over 450 patents to his name! He too is someone who began to achieve remarkable things right from his teens.

Closer home we have the example of the ‘Human Computer’ Shakuntala Devi. Even as a pre-teen she had remarkable skills in mathematics. She could multiply large numbers in a split second. Her prowess as a child prodigy began to spread, even as she was very young and she attained worldwide fame.

How to find kids talents? Is one of the FAQ’s among parents…Let us give them few sports real time examples which will connect them more easily than others do.

In the field of Sports

The great Sachin Tendulkar is another good example for a child prodigy, albeit in the field of sports. It still boggles the mind that he made his debut for Mumbai at the age of 14! He began to play for India at the age of 16. Right from a young age his talent was clearly visible. He created several records in an illustrious career.

Another good example for a remarkable achiever at a young age is Vishwanathan Anand. Known as the ‘lighting kid’ for his rapid style of play, Anand became an international master at just 14. This 5 time world champion continues to inspire millions of aspiring chess players..

There are other examples for young achievers. Pianist, Lydhian Nadhaswaram is a good example. Chess prodigy Rameshbabu Praganandhaa, who became an international master at just 10 is another good example. So too is the ‘Google boy’, Kautilya Pandit, with an IQ of 130 points.

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This list could go on and on. What is common among all these young achievers is their mental temperament, positive outlook and ‘can do spirit’. When we stick to the above said norm definitely we will come out with our hidden talents. Hardwork, Commitment and proper scheduling stand as the strong pillars for the building – SUCCESS. This success will make us to realize our hidden talents.

Being best among all is special ever. As a best CBSE School in Coimbatore, we are fond of our school children to bring them as BEST in all their aspects of life.

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