Be a hard worker

“With hard work you can achieve anything!” We often come across this statement in our day to day lives. Hard work is but one of the ways to achieve your goals. At TCIS, we understand that holding the tag of Top CBSE school is no cake-walk. With our belief in INSPIRED LEARNING, we are not only teaching our children academics leading to successful careers, we are also inculcating life lessons, values that will help them become responsible, empathic and wise citizens. This is why we believe it is of utmost importance to integrate values in our children.

Hard work: There is no Shortcut

The eminent personalities we admire today did not become what they are today overnight.  In simple words, there is no alternative for hard-work.  No matter how talented we are or which profession we choose, our gift will go in vain if we do not channelize our talent into the right direction.

When we say hard-work, we do not mean any physical work. It is pivotal to understand that the term HARD-WORK is more psychological in nature than physical. Basically, we up skill our mind to be motivated; we inculcate values like discipline, punctuality in our lives which helps us to achieve our goals. The notion of hard-work goes beyond the idea of regular work.

Identifying Hard Workers:
Top CBSE school_be a hardworker_The Camford School Coimbatore

We often find ourselves thinking what qualifies a person to be categorized as a “hard worker”. Though each person’s path will be different and unique, the anatomy or in simple words the characteristics of the hard work which different people do often looks very similar.

Let’s shift our focus towards the traits of a hard worker, the traits which are required not only for our academic life but also for becoming a successful human being.

The Attributes:

The first and foremost quality is Discipline. Hard work and discipline goes hand in hand, the former has no pertinence without the latter.  It refers to a set of rules and regulations which are to be followed while undergoing any task or activity.  

For most successful people, the hard work that they put forth includes Motivation. When we work hard to achieve something, we need a constant motivation which will keep our spirit high. This is drive, the inspiration, the engine that pushes our efforts forward.

As mentioned earlier, hard work is necessary for a desired outcome and to obtain the same we need to set goals first, infact, this is the entire reason we work hard! In simple words, if our motivation is the heart, then our goal is the skeleton of our hard work.

A hard-working individual focuses on growth, knowledge, and experience. They want to learn more and polish themselves with each passing day but this requires the Initiatives to maintain consistency in what we do.

Another significant attribute is Punctuality or Time management. There must be willingness to do the work correctly and in a right manner within the set time frame. Time management is a skill which requires constant practice, exactly so as the saying Practice does make perfect.

Further, two virtues which are enormously crucial are, first, to dream big. Dream big to unlock your potential and to realise what you are capable of. Second, Avoid Procrastination as the easy way out. We put things off when there is something more challenging at hand.  Remember the mantra “Dream big, work hard and never give up.”

Camfordians: Our Pride

The world is full of competition and being Top CBSE school, we understand the responsibilities which comes with its name. We at TCIS have been successful in raising the confident and hardworking pupils. Today, the Camfordians are everywhere, from renowned colleges to top universities in India. With their polished values and skills, they are spreading their wings and painting the world with much aura and confidence.  TCIS as top CBSE school takes immense pride in its children and the values we inculcate in them and wish its students all the best for their future endeavours.

Author: Ms. Neha Singh
Faculty, TCIS

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