Fix the lazy bones – Drive Away Laziness in Kids

As a good CBSE school, we always strive to ensure that lethargy never comes near our children.

Laziness in kids is something that can be beaten easily, if parents put in some efforts otherwise they start procrastinate. A series of measures, very simple to implement, can help children overcome their laziness and stick to a routine. Let’s take a closer look at the tips.

Set deadlines:

Let them realize the importance of time. Set time limits for everything. For example, homework should be finished within a certain time. Similarly, a play time should be fixed. This is also applicable to other recreational activities including watching TV or gaming. Let the children plan their schedule and stick to a routine.

Start with the fun element:

It is given that if your child loves it, he/she will stick to a routine. For example, if your 5th grader likes to help you with domestic chores, then so be it. A younger, primary level kid could be crazy about roller skating. Similarly, if your 9th grader is interested in cooking, then encourage him/her to try out their culinary skills during a particular time. Since they love doing these activities, being a good CBSE school we encourage it and they are sure to stick to a routine.

Lead by example:

It is a well-known fact that parents are the greatest role models to their children. They look up to you for almost everything. Whether it is waking up early, exercising, doing household chores, eating the right things or hitting the bed early, make sure that you are setting the right example.

Set a routine for the entire family:

All of you for example, can go to bed and wake up at the same time. Establish a routine, with a certain limit, for getting ready to go to school. Yes, Indeed!! Practice does make perfect. Similarly, make a particular study time a routine for the children, where you too participate.

good CBSE school_task chart_The Camford School Coimbatore
Stick a task chart:

Encourage your kids to plan their schedule. Each one of them can prepare a chart where they will mark out the deadline for each of their activities. They should be encouraged to stick to the deadline. This will build a sense of discipline in them.

Let them fail:

If a child fails to in completing a task within the stipulated time limit, tell them that it is okay to fail and that the important thing is how you lift yourself up after every failure. This approach will help build a sense of resilience in the children.

Share stories:

Success stories of great personalities from different fields can be a tremendous source of inspiration for children of any age group. Make sure that you are sharing a few of them on the kind of work ethics that took these personalities to achieve great things in their lives.

Reward good behaviour:

This is an age old tactic to encourage good behaviour. You could for example, promise your 7th grader his new bicycle, provided he successfully sticks to his routine of completing the homework on a daily basis for at least a few months. The 5th grader in your home could similarly, be rewarded with her favourite bed-time story book, if she helps you dutifully complete the household chores.

As a good CBSE school, we have always used innovative ways to keep our children active. The activities are designed in such a manner that they are simple and are fun to do, while at the same time inculcating in them a sense of self-discipline and will power to adhere to a routine.

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