Doing away with ‘Procrastination’

Innovative Practices in Schools

Innovative Practices in Schools keep Procrastination away and make students to be regular at their work. It is a matter of utmost importance that one indeed has to save for winter lest one might perish facing the harsh cold. That reminds me of the tale of two chipmunks who had been delaying, fixing the gaping hole in their home. Children today are like these little chipmunks tarrying forever.

Trying to fathom the reason for the delay, in the present scenario, is still an alluring mystery.  The complexity of the given assignment surprisingly is not a variable when it comes to pupil not doing their work at the designated time. Thus one cannot but wonder why such a situation annoyingly persists. “Procrastination” literally means delaying the work, putting it off until the last moment; one either ends up doing the work or they do not do it all. It has become a matter of great importance to untie the knot.

There are 4 different kinds of procrastinators, it has been identified that there are 4 different kinds of people who keep putting off their work; so how to conquer this colossal mountain. Kids today are afflicted with this never ending problem of plenty. It is this availability of a plethora of resources that, either they are intimidated or they are overwhelmed with this sense of ultimate over confidence that they end up doing nothing. Indeed we know practice does make perfect and as a regular routine it makes so much improvement in the psychological behaviour of a child too.

The Whiners

The meek kids who are petrified by the immensity of the assignments that towers over them, this can be done away with boosting their self confidence. Innovative practices in schools make them involved in certain activities. Here we have a team of very helpful teaching facilitators, with their help the child can overcome this fear and might start doing the work right on time, but this transformation cannot happen overnight and they say Rome was not built in a day, with perseverance and hard work on the part of both the faculty and the children this might actually become a reality.

The Vain

As for the kids who are ridden by conceit, the solution lies in explaining the importance of ‘beginning’. Once you start the work it would definitely progress in the predestined path, but for these pupil, the hardest task is to begin. One does not have to be a perfectionist in everything that they possibly can lay their hands on.

A meticulous piece of work will speak volumes and it is important to assure them that, once done the work should be handed over and not linger in the limbo.The other two group of kids who procrastinate their work are either they are too busy or too lazy. Now to prioritize, lazy bones need to be fixed with Innovative Practices in Schools.

The Idle Fiddler

The pandemic has unearthed this lazy bone in every one and that has resulted in nonchalance. Nothing matters; this is a dangerously independent plane of existence, so to say. Treating this is an absolute challenge. Patience is the only panacea, once done telling them about the importance of their work, there isn’t anything that can be done but to wait till the work is done. In this scenario, persistence and patience pay. The child ultimately might start doing the work.

The Busy bees

When it comes to the ‘too busy’ category the children crowd their lives with too many things that they end up in absolute chaos. This can be overcome by teaching them to prioritize and setting a dead line for every work assigned. Most of the time creative learning make the little ones busy as bees in doing their work. In general, setting a deadline for ourselves a day prior to the given deadline will actually help finish their work right on time and not procrastinate.

The only solution to do away with procrastination

Children should also be taught not be believe in everything that is ‘Shiny!!’, all that glitters is not gold and this realization will stop them from trying their hands on everything. They will not complicate their lives with too many things in their hand and after a while realizing that they have bitten more than they can chew and end up doing nothing but procrastinating forever.

The child should focus and concentrate, there are certain ways to improve your concentration and see to that they can balance all their endeavor without comprising one for the other. If one is interested in sports that should not hamper their academics, there are few tips available to make sports and academics balanced and the realization that both are equally important is the only solution to do away with procrastination.

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