Psychological Behaviour in Children

Innovative teaching methods in schools have the potential to improve education that involves new ways of interaction between “Teacher – Student” and also in the psychological behavior of children. The whole purpose of innovative education is to turn the mirrors into windows. In this scenario, really I wonder about the creation! Off-course from big animals to small creatures with very small brains create some pretty amazing structures reminding us about its innovative nature…The Animal Architects!!!

Adaptive mind of Children:

Children have fresh, clear, and an adaptive mind that is ready to be instilled with recognition, consciousness, and empathy. The method of teaching to mold them into a strong individual emotionally and psychologically is very important than encouraging them to excel in academics.

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Parents, teachers and society play a vital role in engaging and equipping the children for the future. There are plenty of techniques and interactive methods which can be incorporated along with the academic lessons to guide them on how to analyze and reason out what is right and wrong.

The environment in which a child is brought up largely determines their character. When life lessons using small animals as live examples are introduced to the children it will increase the observing ability within the child and subconsciously develop his mind and organized a logical behavior. These live example life lessons will help the students to become emotionally stable and confident.

Proven Psychological aspects of Children:

Psychological aspects prove that children are more attracted towards facts about small creatures and facts that have the potential to grasp their attention. When life lessons are supported along with fun facts of small animals, it will illuminate the wisdom within the students. When something is repeated over and over again, we become experts of the same, and it will be subconsciously registered in our brain. This methodology can be incorporated to engage the children thus unknowingly they will learn and ingest the values introduced to them.

Distinctive abilities and the uniqueness of learners

The innovative teaching methods in schools and the process of learning must be planned to enhance both knowledge and social development in the learner. Each learner possesses distinctive abilities and needs from one another. The uniqueness of the learners should be supplemented with uniqueness in the process of teaching. Incorporating interesting facts with fun background stories will open doors of opportunities for both the learner and the teacher to excel in their own sphere. Innovative learning methods take the advantage of knowing child psychology and shape them accordingly for their well-being.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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