Fee Structure

Fee payment plan of School is transparent to all. Fees should be paid either by Demand Draft / Cheque in favour of “The Camford International School” payable at Coimbatore. Please ensure that proper receipt is obtained from the school office for the paid amount.

Fees can be paid online. Click here.

Fee Payment Structure:

I term: March 1st to March 15th

II term: August 1st to August 15th

III term: December 1st to December 15th

Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. A penalty will be charged as late fee, if fee is paid after due date. A student’s name will be struck off the roll if the fees are not paid by the end of the term. A re-admission fee will be charged. The fee structure of the school is subjected to revision at any time due to escalating costs.

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