TCIS has a plethora of club activities in school and also extracurricular activities to bring out the innate capabilities in the student. These fun activities bring the child out of his shell and boost confidence and team spirit.

There are many clubs available for the student to choose from as per the interest. Regular meetings are held and expert guidance given by facilitators.

Hobby club :

The Hobby clubs complement academic skills with real life context. Grades 6 to 8 are part of club activities and it helps them learn and help each other, communicate better and work together.

Available Hobby clubs:

  • Cookery Club : Cutlery and cuisine in sync with the art of producing that perfect broth.
  • Art and Craft : Children explore the world of art that transcends all existing boundaries.
  • Dance : This club extracts and perfects the fine honing skills of the young dancers.
  • Theatre and Literary Club : ‘To be or Not to be’ is the question here!! Lets debate over the pound of flesh, should it be carved out of Antonio’s chest?
  • Eco Club : The most preferred and loved club in the school, young farmers they sow and they reap.
  • Budding Scientists: This club diagnoses the young Newtons and Edisons.
  • Little Genius : This club is for the young learners who might own a patent for themselves someday.
  • Music Club : This club attracts a lot of students with their strings and the percussion and the keys.
  • Beauty and Hygiene : The rave of all maiden.
  • Grooming and personality development : Here all our little men and little women groom themselves to face the world. This is here we teach our little Red Riding Hood not to trust the big bad wolf and always listen to your mother.
  • All the extracurricular activities / club activities in school bring the hidden talents of children to present them with an extravaganza!!

Sports Club:

Camford is known for its sporting activities and a whole range of sports is played in school. Sports not only boosts mental wellness but also teaches to take failure and success in ones stride.

Available Sports club:

  • Basket ball : Enables to perform individual offensive and defensive skills and strategies.
  • Volley ball : Enables  to understand the typical games sequencing : serve, pass, attack, defense and transition.
  • Football       :  Enables to become more skilful when performing movements at speed with a range of strategies to attack and defend.
  • Badminton : Helps develop etiquette grips, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and stroke execution
  • Athletics      : Helps acquire physical strength, skill, stamina, speed.
  • Kho-Kho    : Helps acquire physical fitness, strength, speed and stamina and dodging ability.
  • Throw ball : Enables to use the force of the thrown balls to move the cageball into their goal.
  • Yoga           : Helps possess emotional stability and attain higher level of consciousness.
  • Karate        : Helps develop well balanced mind and body, through training and fighting techniques
  • Swimming  : Helps develop knowledge of water safety and practices.
  • Cricket        : Develops team spirit and coordination.
  • Rifle : This Club, this club is the pride of our camford family. Children have won accolades by winning many a tournaments that were held. Rifle enamors the children with the target and the hit, they have proved themselves to be one of the finest marksmen in our very own Coimbatore.
  • Fencing : The ‘foil’, the ‘epee’ and the ‘sabre’, offence and the defense, cut and slash , this club is top maneuver the child’s active imagination and to foster the diligent concentration to focus and move in the designated path. Sabre is to un waver a child. 
  • Health and Fitness : This club is for the child to know the importance of being healthy- ‘Sound Body, Sound Mind’.
  • Band : The band holds a special place in the school. Open to students of 6 to 8, they comprise of the senior and junior group. The school band consisting of 40 members play an important role during Sports Day, National Festivals and also welcoming important guests. The school offers a choice between the Band and YOGA.
  • These club activities in school benefit children a lot physically and mentally.

Benefits of sports club:

  • Stay healthy
  • Maintain good fitness level
  • Boost self esteem
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Develop Positive mentoring
  • Improve emotional fitness
  • Be more social
  • Enhance discipline