State of togetherness

Students must be given different co-curricular responsibilities in order to develop their state of togetherness and team spirit. Best Quality CBSE school not only provide academic proficiency but also enhance and strengthen the social character, manners and ettiquettes, very essential life skills in children.

The Modern Lifestyle:
Best Quality CBSE school_modern lifestyle_The Camford School Coimbatore

Modern lifestyle has everything that can be reached in a click, a digital world. This Technology has reached a pinnacle and even though it has brought the world closer, ironically, we stay divided, even in the classrooms, technology enables a perfect digital classroom. Unlike, our ancestors who maintained bond with man and nature. Change is the essence of life. We have changed our lifestyle, preferences, values, food, and culture. However the emotional bond within a family or friendship has its value which cannot be changed.

Develop a strong character: 

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, this proverb states that we should always engage ourselves in doing something productive, the same way an idle person’s mind will be filled with the qualities of a devil. When we are idle, we don’t develop the attitude of sharing, unity, teamwork, trust, confidence, or being helpful. Being united means that we accept to celebrate oneness, thus we become strong in our opinions, actions and even develop a strong character.

Family togetherness:

Family is the central unit of our society. If each member of the family chooses a different path it is hard to stay connected with each other thus the essence of living as a family will be lost. A family acts as the backbone behind each individual where we draw our moral support at times of distress, share our success and overcome our flaws and fears. To ensure the unit of family one must be ready to adjust and mold according to the needs of others. Best Quality CBSE School always impose state of togetherness among family members.

Every particle exchange qualities:

Every particle in this universe in some way or the other connected, they exchange qualities with each other to turn one another strong. Same as the micro plastic particles together make reusable / non decomposable plastic will make Microplastics in our belly!!.

Best-Quality-CBSE-school_exchange qualities_The-Camford-School-Coimbatore

If we are united, we stay strong, if we are divided, we fall. Any psychological emotion of a human being is rightly expressed only when it’s shared. When we are angry, happy, stressed, or achieved something in life, it reaches its purpose only when it is shared with others.  The feelings or emotions are incomplete if we don’t express. Togetherness not only encourages teamwork and oneness but also helps to develop our character towards any social convention.

Maintaining a social relationship:

Even though our family or friends are not in a position to lend a helping hand a small smile will do the trick of bringing back optimism in our lives – have the positive thinking in your life. Maintaining a social relationship deals with both the act of giving and receiving. The readiness to adjust, adapt and revamp our behavior based on others’ needs is the key part of togetherness. Family stays as the smallest and strongest foundation on which the whole society is built. When we lack the quality of togetherness the bond is bound to break into pieces enabling us to lose the strength of our society as a whole.

India – An excellent example of unity:

Our country’s freedom struggle is an excellent example of unity. Even though the struggle for freedom lasted for a long period, our persistent effort and unity was the strength that bound us together and achieve us to victory. India is known for its “Unity in Diversity”. The secret behind being united is expressing mutual trust, faith, and love towards one another. 

Along with academic proficiency Best Quality CBSE school enhance and strengthen the social character in children. Team spirit of the Camfordians in different competitions including academics and sports always make us to understand that the “Teamwork make the dream work”. 

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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