Essential life skills for every kid

Essential life skills for every kid. Ah! How time flies and kids grow up. While they may grow up to be different professionals like a lawyer, engineer, doctor, chartered accountant, etc., what is important is that they learn life skills at a young age. These life skills are the building blocks of a child’s personality and also, they will require to navigate through their life successfully while overcoming whatever challenges fate throws at them. These are the essential skills that will complement their academic qualifications.

Understanding the value of money:

The ecommerce revolution has exposed children to digital transactions at a young age. Children should be taught about the ‘value’ of money and how nothing can be earned without hard work. They should be also taught the habit of saving. They should be able to prioritize their purchases.

Grooming skills:

A basic level of cleanliness and hygiene has become a must these days. A disciplined hostel life makes them ready for them. They should also be taught grooming skills, like combing their neatly and wearing, clean and ironed clothes. These are skills that will last a lifetime.

Sticking to a routine:

Forming and then sticking to a routine will help develop the self-confidence of a kid. After a particular age the kid should be able to get ready for school, do his/her homework, play,etc., as part of the routine.

Reading habit:

A healthy reading habit will help develop their knowledge,language skills , discipline and self-confidence.


Charity is again, something that is taught at a young age. Kids should be taught the importance of sharing things. Activities like participating in a food drive also help in developing the sense of empathy in them.

Cooking skills:

Children learning cooking? Yes, why not? Remember, tomorrow they may need to stay independently, often in another country. Parents can therefore teach them, at least the basic cooking skills.

Time Management:

One of the most important skill to succeed in any field is the proper utilization of time. Not for nothing do they say, “Time and tide wait for none”. Kids need to be taught the value of time and its relation to the success in any pursuit in life.

Inter-personal communication skills:

Good communication skills are extremely important for a successful career. After all they will need these skills once they are adults. Whether it is their professors, a doctor or an advocate, this skill will help them in expressing themselves clearly.

Being the best CBSE School in Coimbatore we ought to teach our children with the essential life skills for every kid. At the School, we have designed several activities, based on different age groups, for the development of key life skills in students.

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