Self Grooming: A Way Of Life

Evolution is part and parcel of life. With time, human beings have evolved at a fast pace and have come a long way to redefine the traits of human personality. Today, we live in a dynamic environment where beauty is no longer a primary trait. Instead, it is the confidence, maturity and knowledge of a person which defines the overall personality. TCIS, a CBSE school with self grooming club for students.  When we refer to someone as a “good personality”, we mean that they are likable, interesting, pleasant to be with and are well groomed. Everyone has their own qualities and traits which make them unique and people still strive to improve themselves. To realise our best-self it is important that we focus on our overall grooming as it helps an individual to maintain a high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Grooming : A Life Skill

Grooming is the term used for how people take care of their body, mind and appearance. Self-grooming ranges from Personality grooming to Personal grooming. Grooming is typically defined as activities that include caring for one’s well-being and development.

People often misunderstand grooming with beauty. In reality, grooming enhances our appearance, health and hygiene and most importantly, it helps us to build our self-confidence thus influencing our behaviour and emotions.

Why invest time in grooming?

Time is so precious and we are not about to waste it in any way. The question to ponder upon here is whether grooming is worth our time or not. It is believed that well-groomed individuals project a solid point of view and a no-nonsense attitude. Also, Self-grooming enhances our personality. Once we start presenting a better version of ourself, we will notice a significant improvement on our self-esteem. A boost in self-esteem will allow each one of us to be more comfortable in turn, enabling our true personality to come out and shine! TCIS, a CBSE school with self grooming club knows the necessity to teach students about self grooming for their betterment in life.

Does Appearance matter?

Make no mistake about it! Appearances matter in every arena of life, from school to college, from workplace to social gatherings. Clothing reflects not only our credibility but earns us a silent recommendation in people’s minds.  After all, our appearance is the first thing people take notice and the last thing that will linger in their minds. 

There is no doubt that personal grooming is crucial for an individual.  Well-groomed individuals are more confident in everything that they do proven scientifically. When someone takes care of their appearances, naturally they will put their best foot forward – matching the interior to the exterior. As a result, being well groomed enhances individual’s potential, abilities and thinking!

For example, the clothes we wear creates significant impact on our personality. Clothes boost our confidence and help us to attain a more positive attitude. A tasteful way of dressing earns us respect. Choosing appropriate clothes conveys an air of maturity and attentiveness to detail. However, it should be noted that grooming in no way mean that individuals need to spend a lump sum on their attire. Grooming should not be seen as an expensive prospect related to clothing alone. Grooming is not what we wear but how we wear or in simple words, how we carry ourselves.

Grooming a life skill and good hygienic practices go hand in hand

Self-grooming also promotes better hygiene. A person who is well groomed tends to be good in his hygiene. Always remember to take a shower every morning to ensure we smell clean.  Comb hair and ensure it is well-kempt, keep nails clean, neatly cut and filed. Keep shoes clean and polished.

Grooming Etiquettes:

No matter if an individual is a student or a working profession, there are certain fundamental etiquettes which should be followed:

CBSE School with Self Grooming etiquettes_The Camford School Coimbatore
  • Always Keep the gesture calm and under control.
  • Stand up straight with shoulders back. It communicates confidence.
  • Keep eyes forward. This indicates that we are interested in communication.
  • Take wide steps. It makes us seem purposeful and suggest a personal tranquillity and denotes confidence.
  • No matter what you do, do it confidently.
Personality – gift of personal and mental grooming

As stated earlier, grooming is a multidimensional process that includes taking care of our appearance and mental growth too. Mental grooming starts with staying positive. We need to understand that only physical appearance will not lead us to hearts unless we are mentally well groomed too. Remember, some people do not possess sharp features but an amazing personality. This personality is the gift of grooming both mental and personal. TCIS, a CBSE school with self grooming club wanted their students to be well groomed both mental and personal.

Towards a trusted, organised and competent person

We should take care of the important details which create our overall image that includes the way your dress, your grooming, your body language, including etiquette, we may lose the ability to be in control of the message that we want to convey to others.

Only 5 seconds enough to form a first impression. Our grooming habits speak volumes about us long before we even open your mouth to speak to someone. A well-groomed person will appear to be more trusting, organized, caring and competent.

Author: Ms. Neha Singh
Faculty, TCIS

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