Mental health of children is most sensitive

Topmost CBSE schools like TCIS is well aware that protecting children’s mental health is a prime need for their development.

Mental health is a state of mind correlating the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of a human being. It is considered a wider area of discussion because the impact created is far more influential and deeper. We can determine an individual’s abilities, capacity, effectiveness, and drawbacks by analyzing their mental health. The ability to handle stress or coping under pressure is proficient in a person with good mental health. For your life to be peaceful and productive it is a must to have proper mental health. Our mental health is not just a factor which determines our mental disposition, but also is capable of affecting our family and society.

Mental Disorders have become very common in today’s modern world

Mental Disorders are very common in today’s modern world, unbiased of age and gender. People from various sectors and background in some way or the other endure with these disturbances in their day-to-day life. There are many reasons such as childhood trauma, isolation, poverty, social status, bereavement, illness, anxiety, inferiority complex etc. to be the core reason for mental instability.  Sometimes it can also be because of our environment, unhealthy habits or even a genetic problem. The disorders affect the mood, thinking ability and social behavior of the individual. The emotional, social and psychological pattern of a person can be grouped to find their thinking capability, ideas, thoughts, perception and feelings.

An imbalance in the state of our mind
Topmost CBSE schools_balanced work_The Camford School Coimbatore

Stress is one of the most important reasons which triggers an imbalance in our state of mind. It prepares a strong foundation for both mental and physical imbalances. One can feel stressful when he experiences fear, anger, rush or being frustrated. Engulfing yourself in stress is your body’s counter reaction to your environment, challenge or demand. Even though stress can be termed as a natural human reaction to danger it has both physical and psychological impacts. Psychologically, it drains out the capacity of an individual and makes him lose confidence and willpower. Physical stress produces a low energy level in our body, headaches, Insomnia, lack of sleep etc.

A great target to achieve – Stress management

Stress management seems to be a great target to achieve, but when analyzed and implemented in steps the results are rewarding. Now a days exam stress has become more common among students too. Topmost CBSE schools always have refreshment / stress buster programs for children to bring them out of their stress. There are many ways to conquer stress and maintain a healthy state of mind. Being physically active through regular exercises and playing sports are real stress busters. Eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy diet will give the body enough energy to stay strong. On top of all these, socializing with other people and helping one another will increase the morale within us and help us maintain a positive attitude.

Creating an environment that supports an individual to feel comfortable and less vulnerable

World Health Organization (WHO) believes that creating an environment that supports an individual to feel comfortable and less vulnerable is the key to a healthy state of mind. The social environment, including the civil, political, economic and cultural background plays a vital role in equipping a stress-free society. World Health Organization believes that mental health should be treated with great importance because it ensures a better society. National mental health policies when implemented in both government and non-government rules will bring out effective outcome to tackle the current situation of social stress in our society. World Health Organization in the year 2013 approved a “Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan” committed to promote mental well- being and mental stability within individuals.

Mental health of children is most sensitive

The mental health of children is the most sensitive part which should be dealt with utmost care. When we think about children’s mental behaviour, it will definitely reflect the situation in their house or in their school. Parents and teachers play a vital role in understanding the behaviour of the child and help them to come out of their shell. Regular monitoring, observation and counselling will eventually bring out the facts that are holding back the child’s mental health. Ensuring trust, love and care is the best treatment that will benefit the children to come out of their psychological and emotional distress. Creating an environment which is comforting and welcoming for the children is an important goal of topmost CBSE schools and to ensure a promising future generation and future society.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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