How to Improve your Concentration

Concentration is the key to effectiveness, says the best leading CBSE School. So, what is in our way to hinder our ability to concentrate, the answer is simple – Distraction and Procrastination. Our world is filled with distractions enabling us to get diverted and fall out of our track. Every nook and corner of our day to day activities are filled with elements encouraging us to procrastinate from our goals. Having a productive amount of concentration has become a lost art in today’s world.

Facing pressure and nearing the deadline

It has become crucial that we all are in a position to somehow find a way to improve our concentration. Being under pressure works for most of us because it is after all when we are near our deadline that we find an awakening to do complete the task. Apart from facing pressure and nearing our deadline, there are other ways to improve your concentration at a steady pace. Improving our focus and concentration will enhance our ability to achieve our dreams both in our personal and professional life.

Change your habits and stay with determination

Practice makes perfect can also be declared as “Practice makes habits.” Human beings are addicted to these habits. Once a scholar told me that waging a war against an army is far easier than changing your habits. Human beings have to face a lot to change themselves, this is when practicing comes in handy. The only way to improve your concentration is to change your habits and stay with determination.

Our mind needs more care

The very foundation to improve your concentration is to maintain good health. Both your mind and body need to synchronize towards excellence and control. When we consider our body having a balanced diet, avoiding unhealthy habits, regular exercise, meditation, and a good night’s sleep will help. Our mind on the other hand needs more care because it is the culprit which diverts us from our work. It is our intellectual state that needs to be trained to improve our ability to concentrate.

Brain Training

Multitasking is prime in today’s world; everyone is expected to multitask but if you’re a person who wants to improve the ability to concentrate then my advice is not to multitask. Try to focus on one thing and get it done, this way your mind will get the practice to focus on one object without interruption and attracted by any distraction. This method can also be called “Brain Training.” The digital world of the internet and technology also helps to accomplish this task through video games which require you to focus or we can select the classic methods like Sudoku, crossword, chess, etc to do the trick.

Factors hindering our potential to concentrate

Have you ever heard anyone say “your problem is small when you come out of it and search for the solution” It is true we often don’t find solutions when we dwell inside the crises. This trick can be applied to our situation too. As I have mentioned earlier distractions and procrastination are the factors hindering our potential to concentrate. The best medicine for this disease is to remove your distraction from your sight. It can be a cell phone, social media, email, or even co-workers just avoid them until you train your brain to deal with them. Psychology proves that once something is out of reach our brain automatically calms us down which will be a perfect solution.

Need change to rejuvenate

Taking a break from your regular work will also help you gain a refreshed mind and perception to handle your issues with better focus. Our body and mind sometimes need change to rejuvenate and revamp their energy. Regular breaks or relaxing activities will help us pacify our frustration and boost energy.

pomodoro-technique_best leading CBSE School_The Camford School Coimbatore
The Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro technique will help us when we have work that needs our concentration but actually, it is either boring or exhausting to do the same.

The Pomodoro technique is quite simple and related to time management. It is a method where you break down your tasks into small units and allot a time limit of 10 to 15 min for the same. This technique helps us focus better because we are not expected to do the same work for a long time. Basically, with this technique, we are tracking our brain to a work effectively.

Self-control and self-actualization

Improving your concentration is not like getting a flat stomach or building a six-pack it is a delicate process only with proper concentration can you achieve the above-mentioned. Everyone likes to be praised and rewarded so does your brain thus create a regular achieve reward scheme to engage and captivate yourself towards developing your ability to concentrate. This task may be complicated because it involves a lot of self-control and self-actualization but is not difficult. Maybe changing your habits is hard but it is not impossible. Once we train our brain to concentrate, those changes into the habit of our life. The only key to stay concentrated is to regularly practice with willpower and determination to change your future. TCIS the best leading CBSE School teaches the importance of the power of concentration to students as a value education.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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