Kiddoes Practice makes progress

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an Act, but a Habit.” Child centered CBSE school always insists regular practice ‘A Habit’ by making it fun, inspiring, creating a routine with the help of sports activities.

Make it fun

One of the simplest ways to ensure that children actually like practice is to make it fun. This is especially true for the children in the kindergarten and primary grades. For example, learning a language can be made fun, if it is taught through some catchy rhymes. While the progress could be relatively slow, with the children learning a few lines each day, the fun part will ensure that the tiny tots actually look forward to the hour. Play-acting again could be an option for the younger grades, for different subjects, whether it is Math, Science or English. There is nothing like some drama to make them have a good time, while also ensure that they practice. 

A little bit of Inspiration

There is nothing like a bit of inspiration to instill a sense of determination and motivate children. This is especially true in the case of the children in the middle school. One of the activities that can be given to them is to come out with speeches on people who have done outstanding well in different fields. Researching through the lives of such personalities will act as a source for inspiration to them. They will learn about the kind of hard work and persistent efforts that are required to excel in a field. They will learn that nothing comes easy in this world. This will act as an inspiration to practice hard in their chosen endeavors. 

Create a routine
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One of the easiest ways to build a sense of determination, that subsequently drives you into sticking to a practice schedule, is to have a routine. For example, if you are trying to ace an examination, then it is important that you schedule a particular time in the day for your studies and stick to the routine. Similarly, if your school annual sports day is fast approaching and nothing less than a podium finish will make you happy. What do you do? You fix up a routine. Yes, “I will wake up early in the morning and practice, come what may.” That should be the attitude. Children need to create a routine and keep it going. Yes, off course Practice does make perfect.

Using sports

Different types of sporting activities can be used to drive home the importance of practice. Sporting activities will allow for ‘measurable’ progress, something that will drive home the point to the students. For example, a student who starts sprint practice in the middle school could be made to maintain a chart of progress, keeping a tab on his/her timing and see the improvement by the time they reach the higher secondary level. When at the end of the year, he/she takes a look at the progress, it is sure to keep them motivated. This holds good for almost any sport. In the case of team sports, like hockey or cricket, their coaches could be keeping a close watch at their wards progress and give them a feedback at the end of every year. 

At TCIS, a child centered CBSE school has always been our endeavor to provide the best possible atmosphere for the development of the overall personality of children.

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