Positive thinking – The sunny side of life!

“Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us, A positive mindset brings positive things.” TCIS a well known CBSE School in Coimbatore believe in positive thinking and wanted students to be optimistic and to have a positive attitude in all the aspects of their life.

Positive thinking behind the achievements

If you were to study the biographies of some of the greatest personalities in history like Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam say for example, there would be one common factor behind their achievements – positive thinking. It doesn’t mean that the power of positive thinking stopped at some point of time in history! It still continues to be the key to living a happy life. For long researchers have been pointing out to the ‘mind-body’ connect and how positive thinking can help overcome different types of illnesses.

Encourage the development of positive attitude

Developing a positive attitude should be encouraged from a young age. Here are a few tips that can help your kid develop a positive attitude.

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Helping others: Participating in a food drive, helping your parents in household chores, assisting an elderly person in crossing the road, etc. are all actions that can help build up a positive attitude to life. Parents therefore, encourage the helping habit in their kid’s right from a young age.

Be the model: This is something that goes without saying. Parents are the best role models and are always looked upon by their kids. They need to set an example for positive attitude at home.

‘Positive’ friends: This is an aspect that is often neglected. Make sure that your kids avoid those with negative attitudes. Positive attitude rubs off quickly. So, let them mingle with kids with a positive attitude.

It’s Ok to fail: Never scold your kid for any of their failures. Instead, praise the effort they have put in and discuss on how they could have done things better. This kind of a positive handling of a situation helps build their self-confidence and positive thinking.

Recognition is important: Always make sure that you praise your kid for any job well done. This reinforcement helps in developing a positive attitude in them.

Give your kids responsibilities: The self-esteem of kids gets a boost whenever they are given a responsibility. Finishing a task also teaches them the importance of hard work. The thought of finishing responsibilities successfully helps build a sense of build in kids.

As a well known CBSE School in Coimbatore, at TCIS we are always teaching our students the importance of looking at the sunny side of life and avoid everything that is gloomy. Be a person of optimism.

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