A top school in Coimbatore states that Change is inevitable. The transition period from childhood, early school years to adulthood can be termed the adolescence stage. This stage acts as a foundation that guides children to tackle their future. The World Health Organization defines adolescence as the time period between 10 to 19 years of age. Thus, an individual in their adolescence is neither a child nor an adult. There is confusion and transition both mentally and physically within the child. Adolescence is a time period when the child gains intellectual and analytical maturity. It is mandatory to understand ” How well do I know my child?.”

Identify the difference

The difference between childhood and adolescence is really simple. Childhood is a phase for the child to learn new facts and during adolescence they what to create their own ways to handle their activities. Children are more dependent on their parents during childhood and what’s to be more independent at the stage of adolescence. Whatever may be the difference between these two stages it is true that children need special attention and care during adolescence.

Key to ensure the psychosocial development

Adolescence is a pivotal stage. A child experiences physical, emotional, and psychological changes. A proper nutritious diet helps the children to cope up with their physical development but constant love and care from parents will be the key to ensure their psychosocial development. Secure support from the family will act as a backbone for a child to pass through this stage of oscillation. Children should feel that they can open up and share any issue with their parents. of course agrees the top school in Coimbatore hence the school has a child centered environment for learning with friendly natured teaching staff to make them comfortable in their learning space. The amount of trust between both the parents and children enhances their growth and development.

Sit back and guide

Children in the adolescence phase tend to get frustrated and react to small things, that is because they are not mature enough to understand the situation and its future outcomes. It is the parent’s responsibility to control the rebellious nature of the child. As parents, we must realize the demand for independence from the child’s perception. Instead of forcing a decision on them we must sit back and guide them towards the same. For this way to succeed the primary needs are patience and trust. The absurd actions of a child can only be molded through inconspicuous measures.

Spending quality time is a very important element
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Technology is not the same as it was in the past. It can make or break a child’s future. Nowadays even if the entire family is in the same room each one of them is engaged in their own virtual world. Spending quality time is a very important element to help your child develop a proper and regular conversation. Regular conversation among parents and children leads to the discussion of day-to-day activities which in turn provides an opportunity to develop a healthy relationship.

Parenting methodology to transcend the adolescence phase of the child is tricky but it’s not a non-viable task. There are some manageable tricks to achieve the same but it involves a mental change over within the parents. To handle a child at this phase is difficult only when parents are not ready to change. Children face a wide range of hurdles and pressure in today’s world and it becomes intricate to address the issues without enlightenment from parents. Being a top school in Coimbatore we organize Parent teacher meeting in order to share the progress of child’s development and also offer suggestions to parents to handle, guide their children during this stage as query arises from parents.

Start treating them as mature people and ask for their opinion 

During adolescence a child changes into an adult, this is a simple statement that everyone agrees with, but the answer to handling the child also lies within the statement. It is the fact that they are no longer children so don’t treat them like children. Respect your child’s actions, decisions, and privacy. Give them the space to think and learn. Parents must realize that you cannot install maturity into your child you have to guide them. Only when you start treating them as mature people and ask for their opinion will they correct their behavior and actions. Inform them and ask their opinion on small household proceedings, this will help them turn into a more responsible individual.  Parents have a great influence over a child during this stage. They are constantly exposed to their family. The environment of the family will always stand accountable to generate behavioral changes within a child.

A plant grows well only when it receives a proper environment this applies to a child as well. If you want your child to be cheerful, happy, confident, and mature then create an environment that helps them grow into those characters. Treat your children as responsible adults during their adolescence it will motivate them to rise up to your expectations. Motto of the top school in Coimbatore – TCIS is to make each and every student to learn the life values, being bold enough, courageous, positive, builds the capability to learn from failure and to change it into success with hard work and truthfulness during this stage of life is so vital.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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