Early School Years

For a tree to fight against a storm its roots must be strong. This can be a very simple philosophy, but when it is applied to child psychology it unveils astonishing results. A leading CBSE School is always keen on the development of children and wanted every parent to understand “How well do you know your child?” since they are the pillars of the future Nation. A child is like a butterfly out of its cocoon, they are exposed to society and its complex construction. Early school years act as roots for the child and help them absorb the quintessence of society.

Children’s ability to coordinate and socialize among the outside world varies

The physical development of the child can be witnessed at a large pace during their early school years. The change in height and weight is obvious, but parents must concentrate on developing strong and secure motor skills. Children’s ability to coordinate and socialize among the outside world varies. The amount of endurance and resistance in their activities must be closely watched by the parents. The entire world of the children was inside their houses, but only in the early school years they come out of their comfort zone and test their potential. The capacity of one child will be different from the other. Most parents compare their children’s physical growth and potential which is absurd. Yes of course, being a leading CBSE School we also insists on it. We take care and make sure that no student should be compared with the other, since each one is unique in nature. Children at this age see their mother and father as superheroes they never compare us to Hrithik Roshan or Ambani. Children should feel secure and safe with their parents. This physical development must give confidence to the child to stay positive.

Children tend to be self-conscious

The emotional and mental development of a child evolves as they grow. Early school years are a specific time period when a child discovers a wide range of emotions, passion, and ardor. These emotional and mental development helps them to elaborate their social transactions. Children tend to be self-conscious during this stage. Parent behavior provides a deep impact on the children. The parent’s attitude of responsibility for actions molds the character of the child. Observation is a keyword because children observe everything around them during this stage. It plays a vital role in how young children learn new things. Important qualities like sharing, expressing gratitude, being helpful, showing kindness, discipline, etc develop during this stage. Parents must make sure they create the right atmosphere for their children to grow and develop appropriate behavior.

Development of social behaviorism
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Social behaviorism develops at home. Every child gathers most of his knowledge at this age at home. Developing social behaviorism must start with parents. It is their responsibility not only to teach but also to behave in the right manner because children have the ability to grasp what they see more than what they are taught. The most important fact to instill good social behavior is to praise your child. Parents must help their children feel good about themselves because it plays a very important role in developing a sense of compassion and sensitivity. Play way learning plays a vital role during this stage of child development and we do follow that for our school children as a leading CBSE School around.

Handle day-to-day complications

To manage a child at this age is not an easy task.  It is true that we need a lot of patience to handle day-to-day complications. Parents feel overwhelmed and exhausted to stay on track. They actually forget the ethos of this juncture. Understanding your child is very important, it is the key to handle them. You cannot expect the children to listen just because your parents. Cooperation between parents and children provides the opportunity to interact, play and learn. Patience, negotiation, and compromise will give you long-lasting results towards problem-solving and elucidate behavioral conflicts.

Quality time spent means a lot

The amount of quality time spent by the parents matters a lot during the early school years. Parents must take the effort to listen to their stories which will help them learn more about their children. The three important things parents should keep in mind when they have a child at this age is as follows:

  1. Good or bad – Your child learns everything from you.
  2. If you what your child to behave then we must also behave.
  3. Never discourage or demotivate.

To sum up, children are like mirrors, they reflect your actions. We must not forget the fact that they also, give back more than they take in, so it is the parents’ choice to instill love, care, and positivity within the child. As the leading CBSE School in Coimbatore, TCIS always wanted to bring up each and every child to be bold enough to face the society, to face their day -to-day life challenges, to be courageous & positive, truthful & trustworthy always in all their ways.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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