Gross Motor Skills

As one of the trendsetting Activity based learning in CBSE Schools in the city of Coimbatore, The Camford School has always been a pioneer when it comes to coming out with activities to develop the fine motor skills and gross motor skills of students. Our team of experienced teachers are always on the lookout for innovative ways in which such activities can be incorporated for ensuring the ‘holistic’ development of a child’s personality. 


There is nothing like a session of dance to keep children engaged, especially the ones in the lower grades. “Play-acting” of popular nursery rhymes is an activity that can be tried out. Pick up any age old rhyme (“Johny Johny Yes Papa or Ringa Roses, London Bridge is Falling down, “) or for that matter any rhyme which involves them learning about alphabets or numbers. Let them have real fun while learning too. While this is for the younger ones, there is plenty of choice available for the lot in the higher grades. From the upbeat energy of Zumba to the graceful moves of ballet dancing, they can choose a variety to help their strength, coordination and balance.

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While it may be a relatively modern concept in the west, games involving hopping have been part of India for centuries together now. Even today one can find children in the remotest corner of India playing some form of hopscotch. The hopping and jumping involved help develop physical strength and flexibility , while the games also help in developing math skills, since there is a lot of counting involved. 

Martial Arts:

Ideally suited for the slightly older kids. Martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), when taught by a qualified trainer, with proper safety and protective gear, apart from helping the reflex skills, strength and balance part, are also known to instill a sense of self-discipline and respect towards elders in children. Hence activity based learning in CBSE schools always encourage such activities in school for children to get self discipline and to know the modus operandi to respect elders and their fellow beings.


There are specific Yoga Asanas that helped in the development of a child’s flexibility, strength, body awareness and concentration. They should be taught by a qualified Yoga trainer. There would be a gradual progression of Asanas as the children grow older.

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