Fine Motor Skills

Activity based learning in CBSE School make the young mind of a child to evolve and pick up a variety of essential life skills as they grow up. This is why the activities for the development of fine motor skills becomes important for early learners. These skills will help in developing their physical attributes, including strength, coordination and balance. Additionally, the activities will also help to trigger the innate intellectual and artistic abilities of kids.  There are a variety of activities that can be planned. Let’s start with the activities aimed at developing the fine motor skills. It is important to know “How a child’s brain develop as they grow?” along with all the above said activities.

Activity based learning in CBSE School fine motor skills painting The Camford School Coimbatore

Yes, there is nothing like painting to trigger the innate artistic skills of a child. Let them discover the world of colors. The tiny tots can be given specific themes such as nature, plants, family, friends, etc. Tiny tots can made to draw a flower or leaves of a plant, yes let the tiny tots explore! A simple scenery, complete with a smiling sun and a flowing river.  Let’s them have fun while learning new things. Those in the higher grades can try out different themes.

For example, ask them to paint a scene out of the vacation trip that they recently had or a marriage/festival that they may have attended in recent times. The students in the higher grades can try out different types of painting such as water-colors, pastels and plain sketches.

Washing clothes- Pretend Play:

Activity based learning in CBSE School is ideally suited for the children in the lower grades. They can be given a piece of clothing item for the purpose. A doll cloth will be a good option. They can then be shown the way by the teacher. They can pretend that they are using soap on the clothes. Splashing around water is something that kids love, also make them to learn the importance of water “How we take this precious substance for granted ?” The wringing and washing will also help develop strength in their arm muscles. 

Sand play:

This is another fun way to learn. This activity will also involve movement in the sand, which will help develop strength and balance among the children. Once again a variety of themes can be given to the children. Let their imagination run riot and say “My own Imagination.”

Let them try out a few sand sculptures too. They will help in the development of fine motor skills such as hand eye coordination. Sand also helps in the development of touch perception. Another interesting activity will be to fill up a box with sand and asking the child to recreate the scene of a road or a market. They can be given toy cars to be placed and other items to make up for the play.

Clay modeling:

Similar to playing with sand, but the sticky nature of clay offers them more choice of models. Not only does playing with clay help in improving the fine muscles of the arm and hands, will it also help in the child learning about different 3 dimensional patterns and shapes. They can be made to come out with shapes of numbers or alphabets adding to the learning part. Children’s linguistic abilities too are enhanced when they talk to each other while creating different shapes, as part of the Activity based learning in CBSE School. 

Planting Kits/ Garden themed activities:
Activity based learning in CBSE School fine motor skills plant kits The Camford School Coimbatore

Human beings are naturally attracted to nature. Nature teach us a lot. Nature is the best teacher. Sometimes we admire the architects of tiny, little animals building design works, yes Animals – Nature’s Architects! What better way for kids to learn about how plants grow than hands-on experience? They can provided with plant kits. So as students of Camford are provided with a Planting kit for having practical learning experience. Arrange for biodegradable pots with soil and the seeds. Let the children wear good quality hand gloves while they are taught about ‘preparing’ the soil by the teacher. Once the entire class is done with the planting, neatly label the names of the students on each of the pot and tell them to leave the pots outside. This will help them learn about the importance of sunlight for the growth of plants. Let them check out the pots daily for young green sprouts.

The slightly elder children can be given a variety of plant based activities. Tracing of flowers and leaves is an excellent way to learn about them. Similarly, they can be made to name different parts of a plant. Groups of children can be made to point out differences between two plants. They can also be made to draw and come out with charts depicting the life cycle of plants.

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