Practical Learning Kits for kids!

Practical Learning in CBSE Schools has always been our motto for ingenious learning using practical kits makes children learn life lessons.

During the pandemic, the children have proficiently adapted to the online learning methodology and are doing tremendously well. However, it is also significant that our children learn some essential life skills and also the manners and ettiquettes for kids.

As a leading educational luminary, TCIS constantly explores ways and means to challenge the status quo and invigorate its wards to the exposure of Practical Learning in CBSE Schools. Child centered approach have always been our modus operandi for ingenious learning.  Towards this, we are pleased to extend few activities which would enhance the spirit for experimentation, creativity, cohesiveness and sense of responsibility in students.

Activity 1 – BRING THE SPRING!

A Planting kit 

Students are encouraged to cultivate the seeds and nurture them until they bear fruit. The objective of this activity is to inculcate a sense of responsibility in students.

They get to learn the growth cycle of plants, the efforts required to nurture plants successfully, guarding against pests, the pains and joys involved in creating one’s own garden etc. This also translates to “life lessons” in future.

Further, this activity also has holistic spinoffs such as students understanding nature, respecting nature, respecting the work of farmers etc.

The biggest lesson would be that, each child is unique and can adopt different ways and means to achieve the same result, i.e. a healthy crop bearing plant. In conjunction, the child would also assimilate over a period of time that children are like the tomato seeds and education is the fertilizer required to keep them healthy. Further, teachers and parents are the caretakers who take responsibility for the growth of the plant.


Worksheets and stickers to transmute their arithmetic ability.

Practical Learning in CBSE Schools

Worksheets would be designed in a manner which requires high level of interaction and thinking ability on behalf of the students. Further, these worksheets are in tune with the “joy of learning – Let the Tiny Tot Explore” concept.

These are designed not only to trigger arithmetic skills, but also encourage creative and lateral thinking in students which gears the Practical Learning in CBSE Schools.


Laminated photocopies of our Indian currency notes

The rationale behind this would be to get children to appreciate the value of money as well as be careful while handling currency. It is common for us to give some form of money to children either as savings or for expenditure. The sums, however small, would still bring happiness to children. However, given that very young children tend to soil notes or simply lose them, it would be prudent to get them to appreciate the value attached to currency and money in general.

Wealth creations, wealth retention, financial disciplines / Money management are extremely important in helping us achieve goals in life. This is an area where the phrase “catch them young” would be most appropriate.

We consciously believe that the practical learning is more ideal. The above mentioned activities would persuade the wards to explore through physical learning at their own pace, superlatively creating high value of interests. Please assist your child to explore and learn to ignite their openness and spirit of experimentation.

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