Practical Learning Kits for kids!

During the pandemic, the children have proficiently adapted to the online learning methodology and are doing tremendously well. However, it is also significant that our […]

14 Feb, 2021  

Embracing the New Normal

TCIS’s Approach Ms. Neha SinghFaculty – Political Science Communication: A way of Life Communication is simply the transfer of information from one person to another, […]

08 Feb, 2021  

Butterfly effect On Kids

Blog By AARTHI.PEnglish Faculty Perspective, the word’s been tatantalizing humans for about a millennium; what ‘if’ things had gone the other way round, what if […]

15 Jan, 2021  

Animals-Nature’s Architects!

We humans are not the only animals that build involuted homes and other structures. The animal kingdom is abundant with talented architects .To ponder over […]

15 Dec, 2020  

MICROPLASTICS in your Belly!

We all are very much aware that plastics are found literally everywhere. From your toothbrush and your drinking glass to the packaging on your food […]

02 Dec, 2020