6 Benefits of Gardening that No One Told You

Know the Benefits of Gardening ! Everyone knows that gardening helps students learn more about plants. However, it doesn’t stop with that. There are some other key benefits of gardening, which include:-

Increases awareness about the environment. The world is progressing at a very fast rate. The pace of industrialization has picked up. There are massive physical infrastructure projects being built worldwide. There is also a boom in real estate. All this development has also meant more environmental issues. Pollution is a major problem these days. Gardening helps to increase awareness among kids about these issues and motivates them to learn about the ways in which they can protect the ecosystem.

Helps them be close to nature. The healing properties of nature are well documented. Being in the midst of nature is said to be the best stress-buster. In this day and age digital gadget addiction, gardening helps to get kids outdoors and experience nature up close.

Improves physical fitness. Gardening is an excellent way to keep fit. Since it involves different types of movement, like shoveling, lifting, digging, etc., it is like a gentle workout. In a way it kindles their innate love of play, thereby helping improve their overall health.

Healthy distraction. These days’ children seem to be hooked to screens, be it laptops, mobile phones, TVs or computers. Cultivating an interest in gardening is an excellent way to distract them from these gadgets and at the same time help improve their health and get their creative juices flowing.

Builds concentration. While gardening may look like a pretty simple affair, it does require sustained levels of focus, for plants don’t grow overnight. They require a lot of tendering and nurturing. The entire process is fun and engaging. This helps kids to develop patience and improves their power of concentration.

Learn about flora and fauna. Children get to see for themselves about plant life at close quarters. It gives them a chance to try growing a variety of plants. Plus there is perhaps no other greater sense of satisfaction than growing one’s own food! And the learnings along the way reinforces the learning that they already had in their classrooms about typical plant features such as root, leaves, stem, flowers, etc. Apart from plants, they also get an opportunities to learn by watching a variety of birds and insects, which are naturally drawn to vegetation.

At The Camford School, activities are designed by our experienced team of teachers to help students right from younger grades to know more about plant life and its importance for Mother Earth. This focused approach has been instrumental in setting us apart from the crowd, carving a niche as a top CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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