How to make lifetime friends? – 6 Unbeatable Tips for you

How to make lifetime friends ? School friendships are known to last for a lifetime. Making friends is not difficult as long as you are willing to put in some focused effort. Some ice-breaking and pretty soon you will have lots of friends. (How to make friends ? A wonderful story of two boys!)

Be kind. Make sure that you are always lending a helping hand to other students. For e.g., if one of your classmates has missed out on a few classes and they seek your help to complete any academic assignment, do so. Once you are kind and helpful, you will automatically make more friends.

Do some preliminary research. Try talking to other students in your school. Find out whether some of them share the same interests as you. Get to know more about them. Remember, people always like to talk about themselves!

Participate in school events. This is a top way to make friends. Events such as the annual day or sports day or for that matter any cultural event, offer opportunities to work together in groups with other students. These are excellent platforms for striking up friendships.

Radiate positivity. You have just lost a badminton match to one of your schoolmates. While there may be a tinge of sadness that you lost, be positive and congratulate your opponent. This kind of positivity acts like a magnet. Never try to undermine or belittle others. Instead, take the positive route and very soon you will among the most popular students in the school.

Be an original. Just for the sake of making friends, don’t try and be someone that you aren’t, because it won’t work. Remember, every person is unique and there may be many likeable qualities in you. There would be definitely many students with whom you can find common ground. It’s more about ‘them’ than ‘you’. Allow others to speak, while you listen. Many a times people tend to forget that listening is perhaps the most important part of communication!

Get to know more about others. Find out whether you share common interests. This will help you gain more friends in the long run. Yes, definitely this would be the right answer for ” How to make lifetime friends ? ”

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