TCIS has a spacious cafeteria in school where students are provided with breakfast and lunch. Breakfast and lunch break is the most enjoyed part of the school day. Meal times with best friends, a time to laugh and swap news and enjoying every second away from the classroom atmosphere of serious work is time that is treasured.

At Camford, the cafeteria provides hot, tasty, nutritious and hygienically prepared breakfast and lunch where quality and variety are on a par with food served at home (Click for Menu). Water dispensers are there for safe drinking water. There are multiple serving stations for speedy dispensing of food, clean utensils and plates and the spacious dining area which is spotless and tidy. The multiple wash basins with hand wash ensures personal hygiene. All the meals that are served are prepared with the specific nutritional requirements of growing children. Utmost care is taken to maintain hygiene and high nutritional value of the food. The teacher’s personal care ensures that all children dine well and learn good table manners.

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