Think Safe! Act Safe! Be Safe! Safety begins with team work!!

Be a part of the safest transport facility of school

  • Safety is given paramount importance.
  • TCIS has a large fleet of buses that cover the entire city thus making it convenient for parents to send their children to school safely, comfortably and on time.
  • Total care is taken and juniors are escorted to their classrooms.
  • To maintain the highest standard of security, only qualified and experienced transport workforce are engaged for the school.
  • Well experienced drivers with accident free track record.
  • Regular maintenance of the buses and RTO check ups. 
  • Installation of speed controller governance in all the buses.
  • At all times each bus has a caretaker to ensure the safety of the children during transit. The driver and helper have been provided with cell phones.
  • Door step drop and pick up facility.
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