Well equipped labs in school provides a space for students to have their experiential learning in labs.

Math lab is a hub for students who love numbers and it is equipped with puzzles and teasers which reveal the mysteries of the world of mathematics. 

Science lab – Young scientist at work.

Physics lab : The lab has apparatus such as mirrors, electrical circuits and other learning aids that renders hands on exposure to theories learnt. It harbours the atmosphere that promotes questioning, collecting and analysing data, performing procedures apart from facilitating self study and team work.

Chemistry Lab : The Camford International School is equipped with a well-ventilated and spacious Chemistry lab with all necessary equipment and proper safety precautions as suggested by the CBSE Board. During hands-on chemistry activities, students can investigate chemical properties and reactions, utilizing laboratory apparatus and instruments under adult supervision. These activities are essential for learning chemistry and improving scientific literacy.

Biology : The biology laboratory provides the learner with opportunities to question, observe, sample, experience, and experiment with scientific phenomena in their quest for knowledge of living things. With hands on experiences and supportive environment, each learner derives the best out of himself as well as from the surrounding. This is one place where the beauty of life unfolds, and the boundless joy of knowledge gained.

Language lab is equipped with audio visual facilities and computers to enhance language education. A Language lab is an innovative approach to learn new things but also prepare students to share their thoughts and innovative ideas. Our lab is mapped with the curriculum and is meticulously planned to deliver and enhance the teaching learning process and develop learners’ 21st century skills. Camford has a well-crafted and scientifically planned lab to enhance language education thereby offering effective support and resource to the student community. There is a blend of both technology and traditional methods of learning. The lab contains a number of age appropriate, child friendly and easy to handle educational aids. It supports the educator in integrating various domain areas in her lessons. The learners build knowledge as well as skills like critical thinking, problem solving, self-confidence which aids in the growth of the child.

Computer Labs: In the contemporary world, a computer is indeed the most powerful tool of learning. In school we have a fully equipped ICT Lab and each student is allocated hands on sessions; the IT curriculum dovetails with the curriculum across academic disciplines for each grade. This seeks not only to develop subject knowledge, but also to develop skills related to finding, processing, analysing and presenting ideas/information.

The Camford International School is equipped with 2 computer labs of state-of-the-art technology one in the senior block and the second at the middle/primary block. Each block has 30 computers [All-in-one PCs] which are aesthetically appealing and on par with its performance. All the computers are equipped with OSS as prescribed by CBSE which can cater to the needs of the students. Each laboratory has an OHP pre-installed nabling the teachers and students to visualize and explore the concepts on a larger screen. 24/7 broadband at 20mbps is provided by the best ISP in Coimbatore. A dedicated Xeon server handles and manages the day-to-day tasks at ease. The server enables remote troubleshooting and assistance. A separate server has been installed to provide on-demand videos and quizzes on all subjects.