My Own Imagination

The mother of creativity and innovation is imagination. It is our imagination that gives us the confidence to dream higher. We encourage our children to express their crazy imagination without being timid or embarrassed because we believe that each child is unique, possessing different qualities and talent. We always support the children with creative learning environment in school.

Accessing and processing our imagination is a challenge because most of us lack confidence and do not take imaginary ideas into consideration. Another main reason is that we are not ready to come out of our usual setup and try something new. Being courageous is also a very important quality to transfer our imagination into reality. We help our children experience and develop their imaginary skills which will succor their understanding ability. Children’s imagination should not be restricted within any bound or controlled by any rules. The environment filled with motivation enhances the children to understand themselves better. Let the Tiny tots Explore!! 

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Dreaming about the future gives a new perception of the future

Be a dreamer, is Dr. Abdul Kalam’s  belief which clearly explains the need to encourage our children to break open from their constraints and express them to society. Dreaming of the future not only gives creative ideas but also instills hope to move forward. Even though dreaming about the future gives a new perception of the future it is our actions today that will ensure our success. The amount of hard work we put in can increase the chance of our victory. The core idea behind all of these lies in the fact of us having the hope, belief, and confidence to carry out an event that eventually will drag us towards the light. 

The main barriers disturbing our act of imagination

The main barriers disturbing our act of imagination can vary. It starts right from ourselves; we are the first and foremost barrier. We feel ashamed and embarrassed to express the amount of resources required for us to shine. Next in line is our family, many children in India are not economically stable to possess and follow their dream. Their families struggle a lot to provide them with basic necessities like food, water, and shelter. Education and a nutritious diet become a luxury. Society is also responsible for not having a positive and encouraging environment. India is a young country with more than half of its population in 13 to 40 years of age. These young minds when natured with proper care will bring out great results. The efficiency of handling these children matters a lot towards growth and development. Hey..! there’s a support behind….Oh.. Yeah! its the creative learning environment which makes children open up their own imagination, creativity to live.

Enhancing our imagination

Enhancing our ability to boost our imagination is also an important area to concentrate on. If we wish to self-evaluate our creative ideas, we must read our true potential and its relation to our imagination. Our brain will come up with million ideas but it is up to us to locate our inner thoughts and their effectiveness. Thus, for the above said tricks to work the presumptions and skeptical thought about ourselves must be throughout our lives and channel our energy in the right direction. The last and most important rule is to be yourself. This attitude will open limitless opportunities to explore and grow. 

Different ways to develop your imagination

There are different ways to develop your imagination. If we stick to our regular life and be satisfied with the same then there will be no room for creativity in our life. We should possess the thirst for trying new things, the attitude of seeking adventure, and an open mind to explore new areas will increase our imaginary skills. Usual space or comfort zone will not inspire you to create something new, exploring the unknown is where great creators receive their spark.

An essential quality for developing the ability of imagination

Socialization is also an essential quality for developing the ability of imagination. Human beings are unique they have different opinions on the same issue. When we socialize and listen to their thoughts and observations get a new insight. Reading books is an option for people who do not have the opportunity to socialize with others. It is easy and more effective because not everyone has the opportunity to meet and interact with people having the same interest and passion. Books are the best gift a person can give and get, it molds you into a better person, helps you mature into a better human being. Books are the last and final resource one can rely on to develop their imagination and creativity. Creative learning environment is welcomed widely since children can express themselves in an unique way with great confidence. Children are young and have an enthusiastic brain filled with energy. Nurturing them in the right direction will help them evolve into an artist of their own choice. We believe in the philosophy that Childhood is a pace, not a race, every student is allowed to experience and learn their individual ability and become a better version of themselves.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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