Learning from mistakes

In a perfect school campus, can children make mistakes?

Come to think of it. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Everyone makes them. We learn from them. It is no different in the case with children. Here are a few tips that parents and teachers can use to help kids learn from their mistakes.

Accepting a mistake:

This is perhaps the key. You need to accept that you have made a mistake. Parents can set an example at home. They are after all the ideal role models for kids. Teach them that it is okay to make mistakes and the important thing is to accept them, instead of getting defensive or blaming someone else for a mistake.

Find the cause:

Children should be taught to analyze a mistake. Sit down with them and get to the root cause of the mistake. This will help find a solution too.

Put a positive spin:

Remember, there is no use crying over spilt milk. Children should not be brooding over a mistake forever. Instead of focusing on the mistake, encourage them to come out with a solution. For example, if they are not waking up late and not getting ready to school on time, then find out what is the causing the problem.

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It could be that they have been watching television or playing games on the mobile, till late in the night. If that is the issue, then everyone at home should be made to follow a routine that TVs and mobiles would be switched off at least two hours before going to bed.

Get a feedback:

It is not enough if you have put a plan in place. What is also important is to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis. For example, if you have scheduled a particular time for studying, are your kids using that time productively? It is important that you get their feedback too. For example, they may feel that a bit of a tweak is required in the study time. They may want it pre or postponed sometimes procrastinate.

Importance of routine:

The importance of setting a routine, cannot be over emphasized. Setting of a schedule, right from the time kids’ wake up to the time they get ready, go to school, come back, play, do their homework/activities, and finally hit the bed, is something that needs to be reinforced again and again, till it happens automatically. This helps in building a sense of self-confidence and ethics, which lasts throughout their lifetime. This kind of discipline will make them realize “Practice does make perfect” and own up to their mistakes.

In a perfect school campus, kids should always be encouraged to own up to their mistakes. It is always our endeavor to help children to learn from their mistakes. The author of Harry Potter – JK Rowling is the living example for being learned from mistakes. The atmosphere is such that children don’t feel hesitant to admit to their mistakes. They can always confide in their teachers and find a solution.

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