Innovative Learning

“Innovative learning methods are very effective in the teaching process to engage the children in a more effective manner and to instill better behavior. When we try to impose creativity in academics, being spontaneous and innovative is the key to excel. In fact even small animals can impart amazing life lessons. The size of the animal really  does matter but it is the values learnt is of import.

Unbiased earth on Tiny creatures

Earth provides a very unique environment where various living organisms thrive irrespective of their size, shape, and behavior. Human beings are lost in their own world and do not observe and learn from nature. Their problem and their stress would find solution through observation of the life lessons thought by tiny creatures.

Astounding qualities of small creatures
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The number of valuable thoughts that we can learn from small creatures is really impressive. Honestly it is amazing about the small creatures with great talents like collecting its food for future, building its living place..yes exactly they are Animal Architects!!! Let us take the qualities of a dog with its newly born puppies. Its behavior will clearly state that it’s protective and responsible. Ants and bees teach us the importance of hard work and teamwork and the value behind togetherness. Even a small mouse will exhibit immense courage when it is attacked. These astounding qualities are the basis for creating confidence and hope within any human being.

Sustainable implications

These values can be termed as sustainable because it has the ability to shape the future generation. The incorporation of these lessons and values along with academic lessons will not only make the session interesting but also will bring in emotional and mental development within the students. Teachers will have to analyze the nature and temperament of the students to frame an effective lesson. Incorporating these hypotheses will augment the reasoning and analytical ability of students. 

The readiness to adapt to the quality of small animals are fascinating because we being the superior living species are bound by habits. The natural world is tough and filled with competitions that makes it hostile for the small living organism, but they possess very interesting adaptive features which express their readiness to face challenges.

Psychological aspects prove that the Psychological behavior in children is more attracted towards facts about small creatures and facts that have the potential to grasp their attention. This psychological behavior induce children to think with innovation and creatively that is why they get more involved in innovative learning methods in schools.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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