How to raise standard of living? – 6 Unbeatable Tips for Raising Your Standard of Living

How to raise standard of living? There are many who associate a higher standard of living with having lots of money. While spending and investing wisely are important for maintaining and upping standards of living, but is it the be all and end all? There are other things that are equally, if not more, important for raising the standard of living. Let us take a look.

Think positive. The importance of emotional health in leading a peaceful life cannot be overemphasized. Practice positive affirmations. Let not any kind of anger or guilt simmer inside you. Weed out the negative thoughts. Nip them right at the bud. A relaxed mind will help you in better decision making and ultimately your success.

Sound sleep. Yes, as we have often reiterated in our earlier blogs too (How much sleep does a chils need?), quality sleep time is necessary for maintaining good health. Make sure that you are away from all the electronic gadgets a few hours before sleep. Dim the lights, switch off the TVs and laptops, keep the mobile phones away and go to sleep early. Teach your kids about the benefits of going to bed early and waking up early. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Take care of your diet. Ultimately you are what you eat, to a lot of extent. Mindful eating is the key here. Keep a tab on what you put on your plate. Does it contain all the nutrients that your body needs? Are you well hydrated? Are you binging on junk food? (Know the harmful side effects of junk/fast food) Make sure that you are honest to yourself with the answers. Have the self-control to say no at times to certain food items. Teach your kids at a young age about eating right. Make a commitment to good health and pretty soon your life will change for the better.

Exercise is important. Come to think of it. Man is born to move. The health benefits of exercise has been done to death. You keep hearing about them, reading about them, all the time. It is time that you implemented what you have learnt. Let there be a ‘play’ time at home, where everybody enjoys some sport or play outdoors. Make it a point to get some sun and fresh air every day. Even something as simple as a walk in green settings, can make you feel like a million dollars. After all what is standard of living, without good health?!

Be truthful. There is no denying the fact that honesty is the best policy. Being honest to oneself helps avoid negative emotions. For example, if you have not been up to the mark in a recently held unit test, don’t try to blame someone else for it. Instead, own responsibility and vow to work hard and come out on tops in the next test. The same attitude goes for the adults too. This attitude will help you both personally and professionally.

Help others. Try and help others, however small it may be. Respect others. Praise others for their good deeds. (Know the real impact of appreciation) Even a small helpful gesture may go a long way in helping you create lifelong bonds with others. Practice gratitude, for it will help you feel happy. It is an answer to “How to raise standard of living ?”

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