The Homework debate : Is it important ?

The homework debate is not new, even CBSE School homework too. The debate revolves around the opinion that homework leads to good study habits, while some consider it to be a hindrance in academic success. But what constitutes excessive amounts of homework and what makes it a crucial part of our academic life is dependent on multiple factors.

Attitude towards homework

Homework is about taking work home, spending time in which children might engage with parents in discussion regarding the same, and then take the work back to school. Although most educators see homework as an important part of reinforcing what has been taught in the classroom, most students see it as a chore that frustrates and angers them. Many students are so frustrated by having to do homework that it destroys their educational experience, resulting in long-term educational issues. When considering the reasons why students dislike doing homework, it becomes clear that many students need a break after seven hours or more of organised classroom learning. Some students, on the other hand, believe that homework helps them better understand the content taught in class and that it serves as a type of review that summarises what they have already learned..

Is homework taking away the child from a child?

Homework helps children to take control of their workload and increase their time management skills. Homework with a certain timeline helps them to take responsibility, to think independently and develop problem-solving skills. If this is the case, then why homework is so unpopular among the children?

Before we highlight why homework is significant, it is important to note the factors that burden children. The first and foremost factor is the quantity of homework-. Kids struggle academically when they do not have opportunities to finish their homework by a specific deadline. Say for example, if a child a cannot complete the work on time and might be encountered in the classroom could cause them to abandon their learning goals.

Another area of complaint is due of humongous amount of homework. Children lack family time and struggle to find time for peer socialisation. There is no doubt that these factors impact their behavioural pattern and affects their overall development by inducing stress and take hold of their mental health. Keeping in mind the disadvantages of homework does it mean that there should be a ban on giving homework?  The Answer is no!

What makes homework worthy?

The rule that practice makes a person perfect (perfect in our own ways) has been valid for ages and nobody yet managed to prove it wrong. Since CBSE School homework / homework is a way to practice something which we learn, it can be seen as a way to take our skills to the level of perfection. Other than this, there are proven reasons that makes investing our time in homework worthwhile. Let’s see a few:

CBSE School homework_The Camford School Coimbatore
  • Improves time management– Homework make children take responsibility and manage their time judiciously. It gives them an opportunity to be structure their time in such a way that they have time to spend with their peers, family as well as finish their homework.
  • Gives Confidence- Children sometimes need to face problems on their own. So that they realize, failure is an important part of the learning process. Also, in working through math problems or constructing essays, students gain confidence and embrace creative problem-solving skills.
  • Improves self-esteem- If the children have confidence that they can independently complete an assignment or perform a skill, then they build a healthy self-esteem, which is important to many aspects of everyday life.
  • Prepares students for professional careers- Surprisingly, homework helps us in long run too. Certain professions work on deadlines and that’s where homework helps us. In simple words, homework can help children prepare for the real-world challenges by teaching them to meet their obligations on time.
  • Develops strong work ethics- Children need to understand the value of hard work and to be more responsible in their duty and self-commitment to their work. Thus, homework can help students to learn hard work.
How much homework is too much homework?

The benefits and drawbacks of CBSE School homework / homework are both legitimate, and while the subject of “should students have homework?” appears to be complicated, there is little doubt that homework has its own set of advantages. The need of the hour is to develop a common ground that takes into account both the pros and cons. As a general rule, the maximum 10 minutes of time that a student must spend each day on lessons outside of school.

There are some teachings that are best learned in a school setting, but there are others that are best learned at home. Although there is a correlation between homework and academic accomplishment, providing high-quality, engaging, and valuable homework is critical. So, YES HOMEWORK BUT LESS HOMEWORK & BEST HOMEWORK.

Author: Ms. Neha Singh
Faculty, TCIS

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