Healthy body Healthy mind

There is always a close connection between our mind and body. The situation or the environment that surrounds us will turn out to be positive or negative depending on our state of mind. The actions that affect our mind cannot be termed under psychological behaviour because the physical changes in our body also plays a vital role. A healthy mind and body are the essential elements to lead a peaceful life. Both the terms are correlational and cannot be separated from one another because it delivers the same result “A happy, calm and peaceful individual”,  says the top CBSE school.

The connection between our mind and body is a reverse action

Frequently we forget the fact that both our body and mind are linked to one another. Our mind is the boss which proclaims orders to be followed by our body. Thus, it proves that if we are not in the right mood our actions will be affected. The connection between our mind and body is a reverse action. If our body is physically not in place, we will not be able to emotionally connect with our surroundings. Maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind is equally important to lead a productive and peaceful life. A healthy body will enhance our physical work and a healthy mind enhances mental stability in our actions.

Immune system will act on our day-to-day life activities

Balance diet, nutritional awareness and regular exercise are the basic components to maintain a healthy body. To be a positive, optimistic and confident the individual plays a crucial role in maintaining our mental health. Apart from these the benefits of a good night’s sleep will deliver a refreshed and energetic mind and body. It helps us maintain both our physical and mental health and it acts as a key element in managing stress and anxiety. Lack of sleep will affect the capacity of our body to repair and regulate human growth and development. Sleep deprivation leads to stress and affects our immune system will act on our day-to-day life activities. If we are not sleeping properly, it will not only affect our physical, mental, emotional and professional life but also will hinder our ambition, family, relationships, passion, etc.

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Society that engulfs our life

As the top CBSE School we say that the “Modern life is moving faster than the thought and thoughtfulness”, hence the modern lifestyle has forced most of us to live a life filled with stress and anxiety which explains the increase in the rate of people developing high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Even though we are aware of the bitter truth we will never be able to bring ourselves out of the situation because it is not just a situation but a society that engulfs our life.

A life without problems or stress

Life is a beautiful puzzle, for it to be interesting it has to be difficult, but we must always remember however hard the puzzle is, it always has a solution. We cannot expect a life without problems or stress. If we do hope then we are not living in reality. Life is real and being practical will help us cope with any circumstance. When problems are lined in front of us a careful practical analysis will help us understand the situation and act accordingly.
Maintaining our mental and physical well-being is the most important factor to lead a beautiful and peaceful life. The hurdles, setbacks, mishaps and complications faced by any individual will mold their personality and make them into a better person. When we are not afraid to face the difficulties in our life our mind and body will stay healthy. The core element to maintain a healthy body and mind is to be courageous and clam.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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